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Subject: The Arms of the last Chief of Clan Maciver
Author: A. G. Bennett
Date: 08 November 2004
Classification: Query

Here's something I was thinking about, and wondering if any who are knowledgable in Scottish heraldic law could help.

My dates and facts may be a little rusty, but the story goes along these lines:

The Duke of Argyll (Chief of Clan Campbell) offered to all Macivers the opportunity to own their own calps (plots of land) if they were to change their name to Campbell and to swear allegience to him. Many did, but some did not, and fled to Lewis and Skye. These clansmen retained the name Maciver. Now, the Chief of Clan Maciver at that time, Duncan, agreed, and changed his name to Campbell. From that point on, Clan Maciver had no Chief, and was thus a broken clan. Now, Duncan's last descendant, Sir Humphrey Campbell died in 1818. My question is this: Would the Arms of Clan Maciver have passed to Sir Humphrey, and then expired upon his death, or would they have been forfeit when Duncan changed his name to Campbell? Any thoughts?