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Subject: Re: Creek Relation lost
Author: barbalanatkinson
Date: 19 March 2019
Classification: Query

To clarify further, Creek Nation was removed to Indian Territory in the 1830s. There were some Creeks who were able to remain in the southeast. Most, if not all of these people were mixed blood and gave up their tribal citizenship. As mentioned, there would be no Tribal records to remove anyone's name, not that one could have done that anyway, and there were no benefits available to anyone with Native ancestry in the southeast in the 1860s. She may or may not have had Creek ancestry. You aren't likely to find any sort of paper trail for that in that situation. I suggest taking a DNA test. You don't explain why you don't think George Carrol was her step-father. It would seem her Mother was Mary Eliza Hunt and her Father is unknown. Eliza married George Carrol and Amanda later married his son, Thomas. They were not blood relatives, so there was no cause for them to not marry. Situations like this were not uncommon in frontier days.