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Subject: Routh families
Author: Chris Humphrey
Date: 20 February 2002
Classification: Query
Surnames: Routh

I just happened to click on your query (I haven't looked closely at others), but I have a booklet entitled "A Short History of the Family of Routh," compiled by Lt. Col. H.C. Edric Routh, R.A. (retired) and published in 1953. It gives a pedigree from roughly 1066 A.D. to the middle of this century, and York figures in it. I am pursuing my own line (from Gervais or Gervase of Pollington, through Launcelot Routh, b. 1739), but send me an e-mail to remind me and I'll look for your line.

I have had a death in the family and can't do anything immediately, but will do so later.

Best wishes

Chris Humphrey
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada