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Subject: John "Uncle Jackie" Berry
Author: DonnaButterfield53
Date: 14 January 2013
Classification: Query
Surnames: Berry

I realize that several people have been stuck on this particular man for a number of years now. Since I haven't seen anything on him here in the message boards in a while, I thought that I would retouch on the subject.

John "Uncle Jackie" Berry was born August 20, 1794 in Port William, Kentucky. He lived to be 103 years old, and fathered 21 children by two wives. He first married Elizabeth Melton, who was born October 18, 1806 in Rutherford Co., North Carolina. They married October 27, 1826 in Fayette Co., Illinois. Their first child was William Kendall Berry born 1828 in Fayette Co., Illinois.

After that, they moved to Missouri, living a short time in Phelps and Crawford Co., Missouri before eventually settling in Dent Co., Missouri.

The rest of the children by Elizabeth were,

John Henry
Martin Henry
James Hamilton
Rebecca Elizabeth
Amos Ery
Francis Marion
Cynthia Anne
Silas Asa
Loucasta Rebecca
David Arcadia
Jemima Angeline
Enoch Ebenezer
Jackie Jr.

Elizabeth Melton died August 29, 1865 in Dent Co., Missouri. After which, John married a widow Rebecca Lucinda Creasey York, born January 21, 1823 in Tennessee.

They had an additional six children, who were,

Martha Jane
Joseph George Washington
Mary Ellen
Calvin Theodore
Andrew Jackson

John "Uncle Jacke" Berry died January 7, 1898 in Salem, Dent Co., Missouri at the age of 103.

From what I understand, no one has found out who his parents were. There is some speculation that his father was also born in Kentucky in 1769 and his mother's name is Rebecca born 1774 in Germany. But I am not so sure that that information is even correct.

I suspect that John and Elizabeth gave their first born William a surname as a middle name "Kendall". I was thinking that either John's mother or grandmother was a Kendall. Does anyone else have any similar suspicions?

Has anyone out there gotten any further with John Berry? Is anyone out there willing to compare suspicions or notes?