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Subject: Sjoberg
Author: Carol Edwards
Date: 05 April 2002
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sjoberg Aronson Jacobsdatter Olsen Jansdatter

Peder Johan Aronson and Petrine Kristine Jacobsdatter are the parents of - Erick Sjoberg and Christina Olea Aronson. Erick Sjoberg is the spouse of Alma Wicklund - and the parents of --- Carl Oscar (my Grandfather), Elsie Adelin, Algot Emmanual, Falley Marie (Celia), Elmer (Hjalmer)Alfred, and Stanley Morris. All were born between 1896 and 1910. Carl Oscar died 6-8-1964,and is buried in Union Cemetery in Trade Lake,Wisconsin. All but 2 brothers immigrated to America from Sweden in 1903. Christina married John Albert Wicklund. I could sure use some help with the Sjobergs!