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Subject: Identifying the name on the seal?
Author: 306cjw
Date: 03 June 2019
Classification: Query

Wondering if anyone can help identifying the inscription on this wax seal?

I'm told that it's 13th Century and British .

I'm not certain at all, but I think it could say:

Which, I think, would be:
SIGILL = Latin for "seal"
WILLELOU = Norman for "William"? But really not sure about the end, especially the last 2 letters
FIL = Son of?
And the last bit throws me completely. Unfortunately it looks like their was damage to the seal and some letters are corroded. I've "google searched" Latin or Norman names or places that end with "W" and found nothing. I could well be wrong and it might be a different letter but I just can't see it.

Anyone have any idea or advice?