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Subject: Re: Crest/Coat of Arms
Author: gjks
Date: 28 September 2018
Classification: Query

<< I am looking for an actual photo of this >>
You already have a photo of it posted here.

The arms do not appear in Riestap's Armorial General. From looking at your photo, it would appear that the shield would be yellow (Or) and the likelihood of the base of the shield being either green (Vert) or black (Sable). The crest wing feathers appear to be gold (Or). The tincture of the horse is unable to be ascertained but it could be any one of black (Sable), blue (Azure), red (Gules), green (Vert) or purple (Purpure).
I cannot find the arms listed in the Siebmacher's volumes either. Can you advise just where your paternal family were located in Europe as it may be useful in trying to do any further research on their arms.