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Subject: American Fröschauer 1st Generation (Froschauer, Freshour, Frushour, Frush)
Author: thekre8tv1
Date: 03 January 2011
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fröschauer, Froschauer, Freshour, Frushour, Frush

American Fröschauer (now Freshour, Frushour, and Frush) family lines can trace their roots back to October 26, 1732, when the ship Mary, of London, docked in Philadelphia after sailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands. On it sailed Hans Georg Fröschauer of Meckenheim, Pfalz, Germany - son of Hans Konrad Fröschauer (1656-1702 ) and Katherine (Holler) - along with his wife Catharina (maiden: Graf - daughter of Hans Adam & Catharina Graf - born in Lichtenberg, Germany). It is unclear to me at present, based on my personal research, as to how many children Hans Konrad & Katherine Holler actually had because I cannot seem to find proper records for them. They never left Germany, but Hans Georg did.... and I am guessing that he had at least one brother and one sister based on the "rumor posts". I can't offer any results from researching his mother and father, but he and his wife were definitely among the first of the line to come to America. All Pfalz males who boarded were required to sign an oath of allegiance to the British Crown, and it is recorded that Hans Georg Fröschauer signed.

Hans Georg and Catharina moved with some of their ship-fellows to New Jersey, but they quickly became dissatisfied with that and traveled West into Pennsylvania. They took up land in the area owned by John Digges, in what was originally Lancaster (later known as York and presently Adams County), comprising the areas of Germany and Conewago Townships and including the town of Littlestown on its southwestern end.

They were Evangelical Lutherans, and had eleven children according to the christening record at Conewago Church in Pennsylvania. Their names in order of birth were: Johan Wendel, Anna Maria, Johannes*, Catharina, Maria Elisabetha, Jacob, Georg, Johan Adam, Andreas, [an one unnamed son - possibly died at birth], and Magdelena.

It is uncertain, but likely that Hans Georg died in Bath, Virginia (now known as Berkeley Springs, West Virginia). We believe one of his sons, Johan Wendel, had a farm on Sleepy Creek in that area. Johan Wendel and son, (Hans Georg's Grandson) John are both listed on the Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot Index. John for serving in the Continental Army, and Johan Wendel for selling wheat to the Continental Army. Johannes son, Jacob (born 1760/died 1788) is also listed, as he served under Col. Charles Beatty, 33rd Battalion.

My line stems from Johannes Fröschauer*, who was born on Dec 16, 1732 in Littletown, Lancaster Co., PA. He married Maria Eva Stephens and they had 10 children in birth order, eldest to youngest, were named as follows: Johan Jacob, Johan George, Johan John, Elizabeth, Eve, Susanna, Magdalene, Mary, Catherine & Margaret. Many German families that originally settled in Pennsylvania, had migrated later across land and down rivers, through Maryland and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia seeking new homes on the new frontier, where they farmed, blacksmithed, milled and traded. Johannes and his family settled in Greene County, Tennessee - some time between 1785, after Margaret was born, but prior to 1797, just before Tennessee became a State. The family is said to be among the original members of the congregation of the (now) Solomon Lutheran Church in Greeneville, which was initially called Cove Creek Church when founded by the Reverend C.Z.H. Smidth, a reformed German minister. Johannes died in March,1804 and Maria Eva died in August of 1806 in Greene County, Tennessee. He and Maria Eva are buried at the Solomon Lutheran Church Graveyard.

From Hans Georg, the Froschauer lines branched and the spelling changed, each branch of the family taking different spellings - proper spelling was not given much weight back then! Froschauer, Freshour, Frush and Frushour are the most common modern spellings in the American-born Fröschauer descendants.

There is a long and intriguing history in this family, even just of those who immigrated across the Atlantic to the "New World"... and it is said that the first Fröschauer family dates back through more than 800 years in Germany and Switzerland. There is a lot to be uncovered, and I am determined to find out as much as I can. It can become confusing at times, because first names are re-used often through the generations - but I think I have finally managed to define my paternal lineage completely. However, I would really like to link beyond 1732, and get into the German ancestry to better define the complete family tree. According to my research, the Fröschauer name has been around prior to the 1st Century. I want DETAILS! Anyone who might have some information to share, please write me: ~ THANKS!