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Subject: LARABIE families of Montana/Oregon
Author: rathbonememorial
Date: 17 November 2013
Classification: Query
Surnames: Larabie / Larabee

I am not a Larabie. However, I found a box of old family documents that include professional photos (look to be VERY pre-1900) of members of a Larabie family of Montana (one is by a photo studio in Oregon, but not sure if that indicates the address of the photo subject). Rest assured, I will NOT DESTROY these artifacts until I can return them to their descendants. I will ship insured at my own expense, BUT I MUST KNOW that I am sending to a responsible family member. They were in a box with items that went back to 1880's Idaho and one Massachusettes birth certificate (O'Donnel family) late 1800's . Because I regard this as a privacy issue and to insure proper identification of respondents, I am reluctant to post the Larabie first names. If this is your family, please identify a first few names in your Larabie branch OR: I am open to suggestions FROM ANYONE as to HOW to accurately accomplish this. If it is not your family, but you know who it may be, please send a copy of this posting to them. My email is (Linda)
PS ****PLEASE NOTE: I am using the spelling "Larabie" as it is handwritten on the backs of the photos. It may well be an error (and LARABEE may be more accurate) however in searching the Family Tree site (LDS) I found Larabie to be, in fact, the true spelling. In this "POST 9-11 world", it's hard to imagine that anyone entering or living in the Untied Staes could intetionally or by mis-usage affect a change in their surname. Nevertheless, we all know how Ellis Island worked, so..keep an open mind. I've tried to. L