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Subject: Could Duda be a Sorbian (Wendish) surname?
Author: Marco Rojas-Machazek
Date: 19 January 2016
Classification: Query
Surnames: Duda

Hi all,

My great grandfather, Theodore Friedrich Machazek, was born in Gorlitz, Saxony, Germany around the end of the 19th century. His father, Joseph Friedrich Machazek, hailed from the town of Wadowice in southern Poland (then Austrian Galicia). His mother's name was Luzmildred Duda. Family lore has it that she was German however I have found that Duda is a Slavic name, more popularly a Polish name. Since my great grandfather came from Gorlitz where the Sorbs (a Slavic minority in Germany) held presence. I was wondering if her surname Duda could have been Sorbian rather than the more commonly placed Polish. At the same time my great grandfather was a very Catholic and patriotic man to Germany.