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Subject: Joseph Duda from Czechoslovakia
Author: Mary Duda Sheely
Date: 18 November 1999
Classification: Query
Surnames: Duda, Jakes

I am looking for all the help I can get
in the search for Duda's from Czechoslovakia.
My grandfather, Joseph Duda, born 11/8/1882
and died 12/62, was born in Austria (Bohemia),
his wife, Anna Jakes was born in Chicago in
1880 and died in 1959. My father, William J.
Duda was born in Chicago 9/28/1919. I have
a list of most of my descendants, but none of
my ancestors. Only my grandfather was born
in Bohemia and the rest in Chicago. As far
as I know the rest of the family was and
might still be in Czechoslovakia. Of my
grandfather and down, only myself and two
brothers are left. None of us can find
anyone beyond our grandparents, Joseph and
Anna. If these names are familiar to anyone,
please e-mail me with info. Thank you very
much. I'll also be happy to share what I