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Subject: Re: Thomas Ellis and Jane Hugh
Author: BetsyBond
Date: 30 September 2019
Classification: Query

I visited Wales and looked into the Ellis family. One source I obtained was the following:Clovercroft Chronicles, I3I4— 1893.

There were 2 articles and I got copies of the journals. This was some time ago. Anyway, Iwas able to find a copy on an online search so you may be able to as well.

Here is some of the text:
Authentic records in my
possession trace the Ellis family through eight successive generations.
The first in this line of which I have any account is
Thomas Ellis, who was born in Merionethshire, Wales, about
the year 1635.
In the history of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, by Dr.
George Smith, it is stated that—
" Thomas Ellis was one of the most eminent of the Welsh
settlers. He came from Pembrokeshire, and arrived here with
his second wife Ellen and family, and settled on one of the two
large tracts of land which he purchased and located in Haverford
From the autobiography of Richard Davies, in the thirteenth
volume of " Friends' Library," edited by William and Thomas
Evans, and the twenty-seventh volume of " The Friend," pages
179, 180, 188, some particulars of Thomas Ellis's life and character
in his native country are given here.
Richard Davies, in his account of some imprisonments for
conscience' sake in Wales, goes on to say,
" A little after this, Thomas Ellis, called a deacon in the Independent congregation,
was convinced : a man of great esteem among them, and so he
was also afterwards amongst us.

In 1682 he made preparations for bringing his family to
America; and early in the following year, 1683, came over
with his wife and two sons,—Elliss and Humphrey; and three
daughters,—Bridgart, Ellinor, and the youngest, Rachel.

I descend from Humphrey. As to Rowland, here is what it says:

Thomas Ellis's will is dated the first day of Eleventh month,
1688. After making ample provision for his wife, he bequeathed
lands to his children in Merion, Haverford-West, city of Philadelphia,
and in"dyffryn Mawr" (Great Valley). His personal
estate was divided among his two sons and two of his daughters,
the other daughter having land only left by will to her.

What relationship existed between Thomas Ellis and Rowland
Ellis, of Bryn-Mawr, is uncertain. By members of Thomas
Ellis's family Rowland Ellis is mentioned as a friend and cousin,
and there appears to have been somewhat intimate intercourse
between them.

I'm out of town and responding by what is on my computer at the moment. I visited the Welsh Quaker Heritage Center in Dogellau that has an exhibit about Rowland Ellis and the Quakers coming to the U.S. That did not connect Thomas to Rowland either.