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Subject: Re: Hello all Durazzi
Author: april micci
Date: 29 May 2018
Classification: Query
Surnames: Durazzi

My grandmother's maiden name is Durazzi. Her father was giuseppe, his father Allesandro. Allesandro was married to elisabetta chiappa of roncitelli in ancona italy, they had 3 other boys i know of besides my ggrandfather: vinnaco and pacifico (twins?) Born 1874, and Rafaoli. My great grandfather Giuseppe was born 1878. He came to america several times to work before settling down in Phillipsburg NJ where he owned a small grocery. Prior to that he had worked in the foundry in phillipsburg, and had worked on the transcontinental railroad, reaching as far as Alberta. We do not know much else about his family, i think they were not on good terms because he did not see them as being responsible with the money he sent and that they were not improving themselves. It might have been his 6th trip back when he decided he was in his 30s and needed to start a family of his own. Coincidentally, there was one other Durazzi family in our town but my grandmother said we weren't related though it could have just been estranged family, they were from same town in Italy too! My grandmother did the ancestry test so would love to see if anyone comes up a match to her on here. One more thing, my nanna makes sauce just like her dad did and she said he came from Bologna, but i can't find records of that or if he had just gone there from senigallia for work. Would love to find more on Durazzi from marche region.

The last name itself can refer to the albanian Durres, port city on Adriatic sea, Druze religion, the fruit known as the peach, or an arabic word for tailor or seamster. Heard a story that our ancestors may have had name changed in italy from durazzo to durazzi, but it could have bean durazno.