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Subject: Slabaugh ancestory
Author: sharondelano
Date: 29 November 1999

I am in the process of tracing the Slabaugh tree for my mother. All I presently know is that there were 2 brothers who came over from Germany and one spelled their name Slabaugh and the other Slaybaugh in order to tell the difference between the brothers. The one that I am tracing is without the "y". I am living in Missouri and my grandfather was borned in this state. I know his father's name was John and his mother's name was Frances (Whitworth) Slabaugh. I believe my grandfather's grandfather was Henry Slabuagh borned in Pennsylvania and his wife's name was Gertrude (don't know her maiden name). She was born in Ohio. Henry Slabaugh's parents were born in Pennsylvania and his wife, Gertrude's parents were born in New Jersey. If you have any information to help me trace back further than Henry please send me an email message. Thanks