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UK Warwickshire County Record Office

Warwickshire County Record Office provides services to the community of Warwickshire and to those interested in the history of the county. Members of the public can access a variety of materials from the 12th to the 21st Century, including deeds, letters, accounts and minute books relating to local families, churches, schools, hospitals and local businesses. There are also maps charting the development of Warwickshire parishes and landed estates.Records of landed estates deposited at Warwickshire County Record Office include the collections of Feilding of Newbold Revel (Earls of Denbigh), Greville of Warwick Castle (Earls of Warwick), Newdigate of Arbury and Seymour of Ragley (Marquises of Hertford).

The records on this page are all provided by Warwickshire County Record Office. They include:

Parish Records: Before civil registration in England began in 1837, our ancestors’ key events were typically recorded by the Church rather than the State. Parish records are the best way of discovering births, marriages and deaths before the 19th century and remain an important source after that. This collection contains images of Church of England baptism, marriage, and burial registers from parishes in Warwickshire.

Bastardy Orders: These were issued after the child was born, instructing the relevant people – usually the father – to pay for their maintenance. You’ll find orders and certificates granted at Warwickshire Quarter Sessions, between the years 1816 and 1839.

Other records: This collection includes Poor Law, Land Tax and Militia records, as well as Occupational and Quarter Session records. The Miscellaneous Parish Records also contain account and rate books produced by various parish officers.

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