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Parish Records: Before civil registration in England began in 1837, key events in a person’s life were typically recorded by the church rather than the state. Parish records are the best source of vital record information in England before the nineteenth century and remain an important source thereafter. This data collection contains images of Church of England baptism, marriage, and burial records in registers from parishes in Liverpool. Other records currently available within the collection are also Catholic registers from the area of Liverpool covering records of baptisms, marriages and burials

About Liverpool Record Office:
Liverpool Record Office has extensive collections of unique and rare archives from the 13th century to the present day which relate to all aspects of the history of Liverpool. Some of these have official Designation status in recognition of their national and international importance and one document is in the UNESCO UK Memory of the World Register. The Record Office collects archives, preserves and conserves them in a highly secure and controlled environment, and makes them accessible onsite and online. You can find out about your own family history and you can discover the history of your house, street or district. You can also learn more about famous Liverpool people, buildings and events

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