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Klare Tootell

“Family is family”

“I discovered that it doesn't matter how far back you go, family is family. I may have started out with the bare bones of name, date, place, but the more you delve, suddenly those bones are fleshed out and you're dealing with a living, breathing human being.”

Klare Tootell
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Our records

We have more than 55 million family history records, dedicated to Ireland. These range from more recent birth, marriage and death records, to new parish records dating right back to the 1600s. And if your family travelled overseas, there's even more to explore, with 16 billion global records.

Our key Irish collections include:

  • Civil Registration Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1845-1958
  • NEW Catholic Parish Records, 1655-1915
  • NEW Easter Rising Records
  • 1901 & 1911 Census Indexes (with the National Archives of Ireland)
  • Irish Passenger Lists, 1803-1871


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