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This entry was originally written by Dwight A. Radford in Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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An important research consideration for Wyoming is that its counties, as they exist today, went through many changes in a relatively short period of time. When organized, it included four counties from Dakota Territory—Albany, Carbon, Carter, and Laramie—and Green County from Utah Territory. When the territory was organized on 19 May 1869, Uinta County was created from the formally unorganized portions of Utah and Idaho. At that time, Carter County was renamed Sweetwater. By 1923, Wyoming had been subdivided into its present twenty-three counties.

In addition to the territorial and homestead land records held by the Wyoming State Archives, the county clerk holds land records filed by county after the date of formation. District clerks are to be addressed for court and probate records, though most will also be found at the Wyoming State Archives. No county birth or death records exist before mandatory statewide recording, but most counties hold marriage records. Some even date before incorporation.

Contact the archives prior to conducting extensive research on the county level to determine which county records have been deposited at the Wyoming State Archives and which are only available on a county level. See also current holdings at http://wyoarchives.state.wy.us/databases/county/county.htm.

County addresses in the following charts were taken from the National Association of Counties website at www.naco.org. Dates for county records were taken from the Wyoming State Archives website at http://wyoarchives.state.wy.us.

Map County County Address Date Formed Parent County(ies) Birth Marriage Death Land Probate Court
G6 Albany 525 Grand Ave., Laramie 82070-3836 1868original (Dakota Territory) ——18681899186818691869
D1 Big Horn 420 W. C St., Basin 82410-0031 created 1890organized 1897 Fremont/Johnson/Sheridan——1897——188518971897
H2 Campbell 500 S. Gillette Ave. Ste. 212, Gillette 82716-4239 1911Crook/Weston——1913——188519131913
F6 Carbon P.O. Box 6, Rawlins 82301-0006 1868original(Dakota Territory)——1870——186718751870
Carter 1867 (renamed Sweetwater, 1869) Original(Dakota Territory) ——1870——186718751870
H4 Converse 107 N. 5th St. Ste. 114, Douglas 82633-2448 1888Albany/Laramie——1888——188218891888
J1 Crook P.O. Box 37, Sundance 82729-0037 created 1875organized 1885 Laramie/Albany——1885——188418861886
D4 Fremont450 N. Second, Rm. 220, Lander 82520-2360 1884Sweetwater——1884——188218841884
J6 GoshenP.O. Box 160, Torrington 82240-0160 created 1911organized 1913 Laramie——1913——191319131913
D3 Hot Springs415 Arapahoe St., Thermopolis 82443-2731 created 1911organized 1913 Fremont/Big Horn/Park——1913——189319121911
F2 Johnson76 N. Main St., Buffalo 82834-1847 created 1875 (as Pease; renamed 1879)organized 1877 Carbon/Sweetwater——1881——188118851881
J7 Laramie310 W. 19th St., Ste. 300, Cheyenne 82001-2799 1867original (Dakota Territory)——1868——186718681868
A5 Lincoln925 Sage Ave., Kemmerer 83101-0670 1911Uinta——1913——187118991913
F4 NatronaP.O. Box 863, Casper 82602-0863 created 1888organized 1890 Carbon——1890——188018911890
J4 Niobrara424 S. Elm St., Lusk 82225 created 1911organized 1913 Converse——1889——188319131911
C1 Park1002 Sheridan Ave., Cody 83414-3598 created 1909organized 1911, Big Horn——1911——191119111911
Pease 1875 (renamed Johnson,1879) Carbon/Sweetwater
H6 Platte800 Ninth St./P.O. Box 728, Wheatland 82201-0728 1911Laramie——1913——187319131913
F1 Sheridan224 S. Main St., Ste. B-2, Sheridan 82801-4833 1888Johnson——1888——188718881888
B4 SubletteP.O. Box 250, Pinedale 82941-0250 created 1921organized 1923 Fremont/Lincoln——1923——192219231923
C6 SweetwaterP.O. Box 730, Green River 82935-0730 1867 (as Carter; renamed 1869) original(Dakota Territory)——1870——186718681867
A3 TetonP.O. Box 3594, Jackson 83001-3594 created 1921organized 1922 Lincoln——1922——190219231922
A7 Uinta225 Ninth St., Evanston 82930-3415 1869original (Utah and Idaho Territories)——1872——186118611872
E3 WashakieP.O. Box 260, Worland 82401-0260 created 1911organized 1913 Big Horn——1913——190619131912
J3 Weston1 W. Main St., Newcastle 82701-2121 1890Crook——1890——188518901891
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