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About this project

This is a collection of census books enumerating Cherokee Indians residing in the Cherokee Indian Reservation, or Qualla Reservation, in western North Carolina. The census was requested by The Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs. The directions given for the census were a bit open ended, and thus, depending on the enumerator, different hand written census forms were used.

The images are in color and of good quality, with legible handwriting. There is an average of twenty names per sheet, with the only information to key being the Name, any possible Alias, and sometimes Age.

This collection is sponsored by the Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society

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Project-specific sample images and form field help:

Choose a sample image from below to see the corresponding form field examples.
Census Sheet

Census Sheet



Some Census Sheets have information that continues onto the next image. These sequential pages will have several columns of information, but no Names. To help with record continuity, please choose the following option from the dropdown menu of this field for images which do not have names but only Ages. You will see the menu by typing "C". There are three options, but choose only the following: Continued from previous image Use for records within the image set, as well as those in the first image that appear to be continued from a previous set.
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Given Name

Key the Given name(s) with the assistance of the dictionary provided. The Given name consists of the first name or initial and any middle name or initial. If a Given name is not found in the dictionary then key the name as seen. If an Indian name is given, it should be keyed as one entry in the "Given" field. If both English Names and Indian Names are present on the document, the Indian Name should be keyed in the "Alias Given" field.
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Enter the Surname here as it appears on the image, using the drop-down list to help you.
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Alias Given

On some records, a second name is given in parentheses or quotes. This name is usually a nickname or maiden name. Key the first name or initial and any middle names or initials in the Alias Given field. If you cannot distinguish a given name or surname, please input the entire name in this field. If both English Names and Indian Names are present on the document, the Indian Name should be keyed into this field.
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Alias Surname

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