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Abbreviation Spelled out value
als alias
AT Awaiting transportation
Bd Bedfordshire
Be Berkshire
Bu Buckinghamshire
Ca Cambridgeshire
Ch Cheshire
City Sentenced by City Borough Court
Co Cornwall
Cu Cumberland
Db Derbyshire
De Devon
Do Dorset
Du Durham
E Essex
Fl Flint
G Gloucestershire
Ha Hampshire
He Herefordshire
HO Home Office Papers
Ht Hertfordshire
Hu Huntingdonshire
K Kent
L London
La Lancashire
LC Landing Certificate
Le Leicestershire
Li Lincolnshire
M Middlesex
Md Maryland
Mo Monmouthshire
NE New England
Nf Norfolk
Nl Northumberland
No Northamptonshire
Nt Nottinghamshire
O Oxfordshire
PC Privy Council Papers
PT Pleaded transportation
R Reprieved for transportation
Ru Rutlandshire
S Sentenced to transportation
s Stealing
SC South Carolina
SEK Sentenced to transportation at East Kent Quarter Sessions
SES Sentenced to transportation at East Sussex Quarter Sessions
Sh Shropshire
SL Sentenced to transportation at Southwark
So Somerset
SP State Papers
SQS Sentenced to transportation at Quarter Sessions
ST Sentenced to transportation at Tower Liberty, London
St Staffordshire
Su Suffolk
SW Sentenced to transportation at Westminster Sessions
SWK Sentenced to transportation at West Kent Quarter Sessions
Sx Sussex
Sy Surrey
T Transported
TB Transportation Bond
Va Virginia
Wa Warwickshire
We Westmoreland
Wi Wiltshire
Wo Worcestershire
X Stray records
Y Yorkshire
* found guilty of an offence for which transportation was a normal penalty