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This entry was originally written by Scott Andrew Bartley and Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., CG for Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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Town records are extremely important in Vermont research. Each town clerk’s office holds the original deed, vital, tax, and town meeting records. Included in town or proprietor’s meeting records are such valuable sources as lists of freemen (new voters in town), annual election of officers, school records, hog or cattle marks, warnings out to those for whom the town will not assume legal responsibility, militia, and accounts of various town officials. Few of such materials have been published and remain in town records. Notable exceptions are:

Rollins, Alden M. Vermont Warnings Out, 1779–1817. Vol. 1, Northern Vermont. Camden, Maine: Picton Press, 1995.

_____. Vermont Warnings Out, 1779–1817. Vol. 2, Southern Vermont. Camden, Maine: Picton Press, 1997.

Many of Vermont’s town meeting records have been microfilmed and can be located at either the Public Records Division or through the FHL. Town clerks rarely have time to do more than a cursory search of the deed or vital records indexes; however, each office is open to the public for research purposes.

On the chart below, the town clerk’s mailing address (2004 Secretary of State listing at is given in the first column. The date that it was granted and the colony that first claimed it are given in the next column. The source here is Swift’s Vermont Place Names (see Background Sources). Competing claims as illustrated by Swift are listed underneath. In some cases, competing claims covered more than what is now one town; those are not listed here. For more specific information, see the maps and outlines in Swift. “Other Names” indicates the names used in early town records or the town it was part of before creation. Not all “other names” are given here, only those that are noted specifically by Swift or by the listing at the Public Records Division. The present county, with parent county underneath, is listed in the next column. Since town formation often pre-dates Vermont county formation, the county designation may be helpful in identifying earlier land descriptions and locating towns in census records.

The source for parent county outlines is Steven Farrow’s University of Vermont master’s thesis, “Vermont Place-Name Changes: Counties, Towns, Gores and the Evolving Map of the State,” available at the Vermont State Archives and UVM Bailey-Howe Library (see Vermont Archives, Libraries, and Societies). Parent counties will be particularly helpful for census search in Washington and Lamoille County towns since those counties were formed after the 1800 census. Probate district and court district are listed in the last two columns. Use the town address for correspondence with the clerk regarding vital records and land records; use the probate and court addresses in the County (Probate) Resources for those records. See Land and Probate records for microfilm availability. Only a few towns have lost records.

Town Address Date Formed Claims/Other Names County Map Parent County Probate District Court District
Addison65 VT Rt. 17 W, Vergennes 05491 1761 N.H.noneAddison (9)RutlandAddisonAddison
Albany980 Main St., P.O. Box 284, Albany 058201782 Vt.LuterlohOrleans (15)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Alburg1 N. Main St., P.O. Box 346, Alburg 054401781 Vt.AllenburgGrand Isle (1)Franklin Grand IsleGrand Isle
Andover953 Weston-Andover Rd., Andover 051431761 N.H.noneWindsor (22)noneWindsorWindsor
Arlington3828 VT Rt 2A, P.O. Box 304, Arlington 052501761 N.H.noneBennington (8)ManchesterBennington
Athens56 Brookline, Athens 051431780 Vt.noneWindham (8)WestminsterWindham
Averill (unorganized)1762 N.H.noneEssex (5)OrangeEssexEssex
Avery’s Gore1791–96 Vt.noneEssex (4)OrangeEssexnone
Bakersfield15 E. Bakersfield, Box 203, Bakersfield 054411791 Vt.Knoulton’s GoreFranklin (11)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Baltimore49 Harris Rd., Chester 051431793 Vt.part of Cavendish Windsor (19)noneWindsorWindsor
Barnard115 N. Rd., P.O. Box 274, Barnard 050311761 N.H.noneWindsor (7)noneHartfordWindsor
BarnetP.O. Box 15, Barnet 058211763 N.H.noneCaledonia (15)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
Barre City6 N. Main St., P.O. Box 418, Barre 056411894 Vt.Barre TownWashington (19)OrangeWashingtonWashington
Barre Town149 Websterville Rd., Box 124, Websterville 056781781 Vt.WildersburghWashington (13)OrangeWashingtonWashington
Barton34 Main St., P.O. Box 657, Barton 058221789 Vt.ProvidenceOrleans (13)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Belvidere3996 VT Rt 109, Belvidere Center 054421791 Vt.noneLamoille (1)FranklinLamoilleLamoille
Bennington205 South St., Bennington 052011749 N.H.N.Y. 1768/N.Y. 1762Bennington (12)Hoosick/MapletonBenningtonBennington
BensonP.O. Box 163, Benson 057311780 Vt.noneRutland (3)BenningtonFair HavenRutland
Berkshire4454 Watertown Rd., Enosburg 05450 1781 Vt.noneFranklin (3)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Berlin108 Shed Rd., Montpelier 056021763 N.H.noneWashington (12)OrangeWashingtonWashington
Bethel134 S. Main St., Box 404, Bethel 050321779 Vt.noneWindsor (2)noneHartfordWindsor
BloomfieldP.O. Box 336, N. Stratford, NH 035901762 N.H.MineheadEssex (9)OrangeEssexEssex
Bolton3045 Theodore Roosevelt Hwy, Waterbury 056761763 N.H.noneChittenden (7)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Bradford172 N. Main, P.O. Box 339, Bradford 050331770 N.Y.MooretownOrange (7)noneBradfordOrange
Braintree932 VT Rt. 12A, Randolph 050601781 Vt.noneOrange (13)RutlandRandolphOrange
Brandon49 Center St., Brandon 057331761 N.H.NeshobeRutland (2)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Brattleboro230 Main St., Brattleboro 053011753 N.H.N.Y. 1766Windham (19)noneMarlboroWindham
Bridgewater7335 US Rt 4, P.O. Box 14, Bridgewater 050341761 N.H.noneWindsor (10)noneHartfordWindsor
BridportP.O. Box 27, Bridport 057341761 N.H.noneAddison (14)RutlandAddisonAddison
Brighton49 Mill St. Ext., P.O. Box 377, Island Pond 058461781 Vt.RandomEssex (10)OrangeEssexEssex
Bristol1 South St., P.O. Box 247, Bristol 054431762 N.H.PocockAddison (7)RutlandAddisonAddison
Brookfield40 Ralph Rd., P.O. Box 463, Brookfield 050361781 Vt.noneOrange (8)RutlandRandolphOrange
BrooklineP.O. Box 403, Brookline 053451794 Vt.noneWindham (12)noneWestminsterWindham
Brownington509 Dutton Brook Lane, Orleans 058601790 Vt.noneOrleans (8)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Brunswick994 VT Rt. 102, Guildhall 059051761 N.H.noneEssex (12)OrangeEssex Essex
Buel’s Gore1780 Vt.Huntington GoreChittenden (15)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Burke212 School St., West Burke 058711782 Vt.noneCaledonia (4)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
Burlington149 Church St., Burlington 054011763 N.H.incorporated 1864Chittenden (16)OrangeChittendenChittenden
Cabot3084 Main St., Box 36, Cabot 056471780 Vt.Washington (2)Caledonia/OrangeWashingtonWashington
Calais668 W. County Rd., Calais 056481781 Vt.N.Y. 1772 TruroWashington (4)CaledoniaWashingtonWashington
Cambridge55 Main St., P.O. Box 127, Jeffersonville 054641781 Vt.noneLamoille (7)FranklinLamoilleLamoille
CanaanP.O. Box 159, Canaan 059031782 Vt.ThirmingEssex (6)OrangeEssexEssex
Castleton556 Main St., P.O. Box 727, Castleton 057351761 N.H.noneRutland (10)BenningtonFair HavenRutland
Cavendish37 High St., P.O. Box 126, Cavendish 051421761 N.H.N.Y. 1772Windsor (18)noneWindsorWindsor
Charleston5063 VT Rt. 105, W. Charleston 058721789 Vt.NavyOrleans (9)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Charlotte159 Ferry Rd., P.O. Box 119, Charlotte 054451762 N.H.CharlottaChittenden (12)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Chelsea295 VT Rt 110, P.O. Box 266, Chelsea 050381781 Vt.TurnersburghOrange (9)noneRandolphOrange
Chester556 Elm St., P.O. Box 370, Chester Depot 051431754 N.H.N.Y. 1766Windsor (23)FlamsteadWindsorWindsor
Chittenden337 Holden Rd., P.O. 89, Chittenden 057371780 Vt.PhiladelphiaRutland (6)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Clarendon279 Middle Rd., P.O. Box 30, Clarendon 057591761 N.H.noneRutland (19)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Colchester835 Blakely Rd., P.O. Box 55, Colchester 054461763 N.H.noneChittenden (4)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Concord374 Main St., P.O. Box 317, Concord 058241781 Vt.Essex (19)OrangeEssexEssex
Corinth1387 Cookeville Rd., P.O. Box 461, Corinth 050391764 N.H.N.Y. 1772Orange (6)noneBradfordOrange
Cornwall2629 Rt. 30, Middlebury 057531761 N.H.noneAddison (15)RutlandAddisonAddison
CoventryP.O.Box 104, Coventry 058251780 Vt.noneOrleans (7)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
CraftsburyP.O. Box 55, Craftsbury 058261781 Vt.MindenOrleans (17)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Danby130 Brook Rd., P.O. Box 231, Danby 057391761 N.H.noneRutland (26)BenningtonRutlandRutland
DanvilleP.O.Box 183, Danville 058281786 Vt.N.Y. 1770Caledonia (11)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
Derby124 Main St., P.O. Box 25, Derby 058291779 Vt.noneOrleans (5)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Dorset112 Mad Tom Rd., Box 0024, East Dorset 052531761 N.H.noneBennington (2)noneManchesterBennington
Dover102 Rt 100, P.O. Box 527, West Dover 053561810 Vt.from WardsboroWindham (15)noneMarlboroWindham
Dummerston1523 Middle Rd., Putney 053461753 N.H.noneWindham (16)noneMarlboroWindham
Duxbury3316 Crossett Hill, Waterbury 056761763 N.H.noneWashington (10)ChittendenWashingtonWashington
East HavenP.O. Box 10, East Haven 058371790 Vt.noneEssex (14)OrangeEssexEssex
East Montpelier40 Kelton Rd., P.O. Box 157, East Montpelier 056511848 Vt.from MontpelierWashington (8)CaledoniaWashingtonWashington
Eden71 Old Schoolhouse Rd., Eden Mills 056531781 Vt.noneLamoille (2)OrleansLamoilleLamoille
Elmore1175 VT Rt. 12, P.O. Box 123, Lake Elmore 056571781 Vt.noneLamoille (9)WashingtonLamoilleLamoille
Enosburg239 Main St., P.O. Box 465, Enosburg Falls 054501780 Vt.noneFranklin (7)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Essex81 Main St., Essex Jct. 054521763 N.H.noneChittenden (5)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Fair Haven3 N. Park Pl., Fair Haven 057431779 Vt., SkenesboroughRutland (9)BenningtonFair HavenRutland
Fairfax67 Hunt St., P.O. Box 27, Fairfax 054541763 N.H.noneFranklin (13)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Fairfield25 North Rd., P.O. Box 5, Fairfield 054551763 N.H.N.Y. 1773Franklin (10)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Fairlee75 Town Common Rd., P.O. Box 95, Fairlee 05045 1761 N.H.noneOrange (12)noneBradfordOrange
Fayston866 N. Fayston Rd., Moretown 056601782 Vt.noneWashington (14)ChittendenWashingtonWashington
Ferdinand (unorganized)1761 N.H.noneEssex (11)OrangeEssexEssex
Ferrisburgh6 Little Chicago Rd., P.O. Box 6, Ferrisburgh 054561762 N.H.noneAddison (1)RutlandAddisonAddison
Fletcher215 Cambridge Rd., Cambridge 054441781 Vt.noneFranklin (14)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Franklin5167 Main St., P.O. Box 82, Franklin 054571789 Vt.HuntsburghFranklin (2)ChittendenFranklin Franklin
Georgia47 Town Common Rd. North, St. Albans 054781763 N.H.noneFranklin (12)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Glastenbury (unorganized)1761 N.H.GlossenburyBennington (11)none BenningtonBennington
Glover51 Bean Hill, Glover 058391783 Vt.noneOrleans (16)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Goshen50 Carlisle Hill Rd., Brandon 057331792 Vt.noneAddison (21)RutlandAddisonAddison
Grafton117B Main St., P.O. Box 180, Grafton 051461754 N.H.TomlinsonWindham (3)noneWestminsterWindham
GranbyP.O. Box 56, Granby 058401761 N.H.noneEssex (15)OrangeEssexEssex
Grand Isle9 Hyde Rd., P.O. Box 49, Grand Isle 054581769 N.Y., Vt. 1779Two Heros/Middle HeroGrand Isle (4)ChittendenGrand IsleGrand Isle
Granville4184 VT Rt., P.O. Box 66, Granville 057471781 Vt.KingstonAddison (13)RutlandAddisonAddison
Greensboro81 Lauredon Ave., P.O. Box 119, Greensboro 058411781 Vt.noneOrleans (18)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Groton314 Scott Hwy., Groton 050461789 Vt., N.Y. 1772PenrynCaledonia (16)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
GuildhallRt. 102, P.O. Box 10, Guildhall 059051761 N.H.noneEssex (17)OrangeEssexEssex
Guilford236 School Rd., Brattleboro 053011754 N.H.noneWindham (22)noneMarlboroWindham
HalifaxP.O.Box 127, West Halifax 053581750 N.H.noneWindham (21)WindhamMarlboronone
HancockP.O.Box 100, Hancock 057481781 Vt.noneAddison (17)RutlandAddisonAddison
Hardwick20 Church St., P.O. Box 523, Hardwick 05843 1781 Vt.noneCaledonia (9)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
Hartford171 Bridge St., White River Jct. 050011761 N.H.noneWindsor (9)noneHartfordWindsor
Hartland1 Quechee, P.O. Box 349, Hartland 050481761 N.H., N.Y. 1766HerefordWindsor (12)noneHartfordWindsor
Highgate2996 VT Rt. 78, P.O. Box 67, Highgate Center 054591762 N.H.noneFranklin (1)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Hinesburg10632 Rt. 116, P.O. Box 133, Hinesburg 054611763 N.H.noneChittenden (13)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Holland120 School Rd., Holland 058301787 Vt.noneOrleans (6)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Hubbardton1831 Monument Hill Rd., Fair Haven 057431764 N.H.noneRutland (4)BenningtonFair Haven Rutland
Huntington4930 Main Rd., Huntington 054621763 N.H.New HuntingtonChittenden (14)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Hyde ParkP.O. Box 98, Hyde Park 056551781 Vt.noneLamoille (5)OrleansLamoilleLamoille
Ira808 Rt. 133, West Rutland 057771780 Vt.noneRutland (18)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Irasburg161 Rt. 58E, P.O. Box 51, Irasburg 058451781 Vt.noneOrleans (12)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Isle La Motte2272 Main St., P.O. Box 250, Isle La Motte 054631779 Vt.N.Y. 1786Grand Isle (2)FranklinGrand IsleGrand Isle
Jamaica17 Pikes Falls, P.O. Box 173, Jamaica 053431780 Vt.noneWindham (6)noneWestminsterWindham
Jay1036 VT Rt. 242, Jay 058591792 Vt.noneOrleans (1)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Jericho67 VT Rt. 15, P.O. Box 67, Jericho 054651763 N.H.noneChittenden (6)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Johnson293 Lower Main, P.O. Box 383, Johnson 056561792 Vt.noneLamoille (4)FranklinLamoilleLamoille
Killington2706 River Rd., P.O. Box 429, Killington 05751 1761 N.H.(renamed Sherburne, 1800;renamed Killington, 1999)Rutland (15)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Kirby346 Town Hall Rd., Lyndonville 058511807 Vt.noneCaledonia (8)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
LandgroveP.O. Box 508, Londonderry 051481780 Vt., N.Y. 1770noneBennington (4)noneManchesterBennington
Leicester44 Schoolhouse Rd., Brandon 057331761 N.H.noneAddison (20)RutlandAddisonAddison
Lemington2549 River, Lemington 059031762 N.H.LimingtonEssex (8)OrangeEssexEssex
Lewis (unorganized)1762 N.H.noneEssex (7)OrangeEssexEssex
Lincoln62 Quaker St., Lincoln 054431780 Vt.N.Y. 1775Addison (8)RutlandAddisonAddison
Londonderry100 Old School St., Box 118, South Londonderry 051551780 Vt.N.Y. 1770Windham (1)noneWestminster Windham
Lowell2170 VT Rt 100, Lowell 058471791 Vt.KellyvaleOrleans (11)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Ludlow37 Depot St., P.O. Box 307, Ludlow 051491761 N.H.noneWindsor (17)noneWindsorWindsor
Lunenberg9 W. Main St., P.O. Box 54, Lunenberg 059061763 N.H.noneEssex (18)OrangeEssexEssex
Lyndon119 Park Ave., P.O. Box 167, Lyndonville 058511780 Vt.noneCaledonia (7)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
MaidstoneP.O. Box 118, Guildhall 059051761 N.H.noneEssex (13)OrangeEssexEssex
Manchester6039 Main St., P.O. Box 830, Manchester Center 052551761 N.H.N.Y. 1765Bennington (6)noneManchesterBennington
Marlboro510 S. St., Marlboro 053441751 N.H.noneWindham (18)noneMarlboroWindham
Marshfield122 School St. Rm 1, Marshfield 056581782/1790 Vt.noneWashington (5)CaledoniaWashingtonWashington
Mendon34 US Rt. 4, Mendon 057011781 Vt.MedwayRutland (14)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Middlebury94 Main St., Middlebury 057531761 N.H.noneAddison (11)RutlandAddisonAddison
Middlesex5 Church St., Middlesex 056021763 N.H.noneWashington (7)ChittendenWashingtonWashington
Middletown Springs10 Park Ave., P.O. Box 1232, Middletown Springs 057571784 Vt.noneRutland (17)Bennington RutlandRutland
Milton43 Bombardier, Milton 054681763 N.H.noneChittenden (1)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Monkton280 Monkton Ridge, North Ferrisburg 054731762 N.H.noneAddison (2)RutlandAddisonAddison
Montgomery98 Main St., P.O. Box 356, Montgomery Center 054711789 Vt.noneFranklin (8)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Montpelier39 Main St., Montpelier 056021781 Vt.incorporated 1895Washington (20)CaledoniaWashingtonWashington
MoretownP.O. Box 666, Moretown 056601763 N.H.noneWashington (11)ChittendenWashingtonWashington
MorganP.O. Box 45, Morgan 058531780 Vt.CaldersburgOrleans (10)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Morrisville18 Lower Main St., P.O. Box 748, Morrisville 056611781 Vt.noneLamoille (8)OrleansLamoilleLamoille
Mount Holly50 School St., P.O. Box 248, Mount Holly 057581792 Vt.noneRutland (24)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Mount Tabor522 Brooklyn Rd., P.O. Box 245, Danby 057391761 N.H.HarwichRutland (27)BenningtonRutlandRutland
New Haven78 North St., New Haven 054721761 N.H.noneAddison (6)RutlandAddisonAddison
Newark1336 Newark St., West Burke 058711781 Vt.noneCaledonia (3)EssexCaledoniaCaledonia
NewburyP.O. Box 126, Newbury 050511763 N.H.N.Y. 1772Orange (3)noneBradfordOrange
NewfaneP.O. Box 36, Newfane 053451753 N.H.N.Y. 1772Windham (11)noneMarlboroWindham
Newport City222 Main, Newport 058551917 Vt.Newport TownOrleans (19)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Newport TownP.O. Box 85, Newport Center 058571802 Vt.DuncansboroughOrleans (4)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
North HeroP.O. Box 38, North Hero 054741779 Vt.Two HerosGrand Isle (3)FranklinGrand IsleGrand Isle
Northfield51 S. Main, Northfield 056631781 Vt., N.Y. 1770LeydenWashington (16)OrangeWashingtonWashington
NortonVT Rt. 114 S, Norton 059071779 Vt.noneEssex (1)OrangeEssexEssex
Norwich300 Main St., P.O. Box 376, Norwich 050551761 N.H.noneWindsor (5)noneHartfordWindsor
OrangeP.O. Box 233, East Barre 056491781 Vt.noneOrange (1)noneRandolphOrange
Orwell436 Main St., P.O. Box 32, Orwell 057601763 N.H.noneAddison (22)RutlandAddisonAddison
PantonP.O. Box 174, Vergennes 054911761 N.H.noneAddison (4)RutlandAddisonAddison
PawletP.O. Box 128, Pawlet 057611761 N.H.noneRutland (25)BenningtonFair HavenRutland
PeachamP.O. Box 244, Peacham 058621763 N.H.noneCaledonia (14)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
PeruP.O. Box 127, Peru 051521761 N.H.BrumleyBennington (3)noneManchesterBennington
PittsfieldP.O.Box 556, Pittsfield 057621781 Vt.noneRutland (7)BenningtonRutlandRutland
PittsfordP.O. Box 10, Pittsford 057631761 N.H.noneRutland (5)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Plainfield18 High St., P.O. Box 217, Plainfield 056671788 Vt., N.Y. 1772Whitelaw/Savage and Coit GrantWashington (9)CaledoniaWashingtonWashington
Plymouth68 Town Office Rd., Plymouth 050561761 N.H., N.Y. 1772SaltashWindsor (13)noneWindsorWindsor
Pomfret5188 Pomfret Rd., P.O. Box 64, North Pomfret 050531761 N.H.noneWindsor (8)noneHartfordWindsor
Poultney9 Main St., Poultney 057641761 N.H.noneRutland (16)BenningtonFair HavenRutland
Pownal467 Center St., P.O. Box 411, Pownal 052611760 N.H.noneBennington (15)noneBenningtonBennington
Proctor45 Main St., Proctor 057651886 Vt.Rutland/PittsfordRutland (12)BenningtonRutlandRutland
PutneyP.O. Box 233, Putney 053461753 N.H.N.Y. 1776 Windham (13)noneWestminster Windham
Randolph7 Summer St., Drawer B, Randolph 050601781 Vt.N.Y. 1770Orange (14)noneRandolphOrange
ReadingP.O. Box 72, Reading 050621761 N.H.N.Y. 1772Windsor (14)noneWindsorWindsor
ReadsboroP.O. Box 187, Readsboro 053501764 N.H.N.Y. 1770Bennington (17)noneBenningtonBennington
RichfordP.O. Box 236, Richford 054761780 Vt.noneFranklin (4)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
RichmondP.O. Box 285, Richmond 054771794 Vt.noneChittenden (9)AddisonChittendenChittenden
RiptonP.O. Box 10, Ripton 057661781 Vt.RiptownAddison (12)RutlandAddisonAddison
RochesterP.O. Box 238, Rochester 057671781 Vt.noneWindsor (1)noneHartfordWindsor
RockinghamP.O. Box 339, Bellows Falls 051011752 N.H.noneWindham (4)noneWestminsterWindham
RoxburyP.O. Box 53, Roxbury 056691781 Vt.noneWashington (18)OrangeWashingtonWashington
Royalton23 Alexander Pl., P.O. Box 680, South Royalton 050681769 N.Y.noneWindsor (3)noneHartfordWindsor
Rupert187 East St., P.O. Box 140, West Rupert 057761761 N.H.noneBennington (1)noneManchesterBennington
Rutland City1 Strongs Ave., P.O. Box 969, Rutland 057011892 Vt.RutlandRutland (28)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Rutland TownP.O. Box 225, Center Rutland 057361761 N.H.noneRutland (13)BenningtonRutlandRutland
RyegateP.O. Box 332, Ryegate 050421763 N.H.N.Y. 1775Caledonia (17)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
St. Albans City100 N. Main St., Box 867, St. Albans 054781902 Vt.St. Albans TownFranklin (15)Chittenden FranklinFranklin
St. Albans Town579 Lake Rd., P.O. Box 37, St. Albans Bay 054811763 N.H.noneFranklin (9)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
St. George1 Barber Rd., St. George 054951763 N.H.noneChittenden (11)AddisonChittendenChittenden
St. Johnsbury1187 Main St., St. Johnsbury 058191786 Vt.noneCaledonia (12)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
SalisburyP.O. Box 66, Salisbury 057691761 N.H.noneAddison (16)RutlandAddisonAddison
Sandgate3266 Sandgate, Sandgate 052501761 N.H.noneBennington (5)noneManchesterBennington
SearsburgP.O. Box 157, Wilmington 053631781 Vt.noneBennington (14)noneBenningtonBennington
Shaftsbury61 Buck Hill Rd., P.O. Box 409, Shaftsbury 0562621761 N.H.noneBennington (10)noneBenningtonBennington
SharonP.O. Box 250, Sharon 050651761 N.H.noneWindsor (4)noneHartfordWindsor
SheffieldP.O. Box 165, Sheffield 058661793 Vt.noneCaledonia (1)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
ShelburneP.O. Box 88, Shelburne 054821763 N.H.noneChittenden (10)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Sheldon1640 Main St., P.O. Box 66, Sheldon 054831763 N.H., N.Y. 1774HungerfordFranklin (6)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Sherburne1761 N.H. (renamed Killington, 1999)
Shoreham297 Main St., Shoreham 057701761 N.H.noneAddison (18)RutlandAddisonAddison
Shrewsbury9832 Cold River Rd., Cuttingsville 057381761 N.H.noneRutland (20)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Somerset (unorganized)1761 N.H.Windham (14)Marlboro
South Burlington575 Dorset St., South Burlington 054031864 Vt.incorporated from Burlington, 1971Chittenden (17)AddisonChittendenChittenden
South HeroP.O. Box 175, South Hero 054861779 Vt.N.Y. 1769Grand Isle (5)ChittendenGrand IsleGrand Isle
Springfield96 Main St., Springfield 051561761 N.H.N.Y. 1772Windsor (24)noneWindsorWindsor
Stamford986 Main Rd., Stamford 053521753 N.H., 1764 N.H. as New StamfordBennington (16)noneBenningtonBennington
StannardP.O. Box 94, Greensboro Bend 058421798 Vt.Goshen Gore No.1 Caledonia (5)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
StarksboroP.O. Box 91, Starksboro 054871780 Vt.noneAddison (3)RutlandAddisonAddison
Stockbridge1722 Rt. 100, P.O. Box 39, Stockbridge 057721761 N.H.noneWindsor (6)noneHartfordWindsor
Stowe67 Main St., P.O. Box 248, Stowe 056721763 N.H.annexed part of Mansfield, 1839Lamoille (10)WashingtonLamoilleLamoille
Strafford227 Justin Morrill Hwy, P.O. Box 27, Strafford 050721761 N.H.noneOrange (16)noneBradfordOrange
Stratton9 W. Jamaica Rd., West Wardsboro 053601761 N.H.N.Y. 1775Windham (5)noneMarlboroWindham
Sudbury36 Blacksmith, Sudbury 057331763 N.H.noneRutland (1)BenningtonFair HavenRutland
Sunderland181 South Rd., P.O. Box 295, Sunderland 052521761 N.H.noneBennington (9)noneManchesterBennington
SuttonP.O. Box 106, Sutton 058671782 Vt.BillymeadCaledonia (2)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
SwantonP.O. Box 711, Swanton 054881763 N.H.noneFranklin (5)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Thetford3910 VT Rt. 113, P.O. Box 126, Thetford Center 050751761 N.H.noneOrange (17)noneBradfordOrange
Tinmouth515 North End Rd., Tinmouth 057731761 N.H.noneRutland (22)Bennington RutlandRutland
TopshamP.O. Box 69, West Topsham 050861763 N.H.N.Y. 1776Orange (2)noneBradfordOrange
TownshendP.O. Box 223, Townshend 053531753 N.H.noneWindham (7)noneWestminsterWindham
TroyP.O. Box 80, North Troy 058691801 Vt.noneOrleans (3)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
TunbridgeP.O. Box 6, Tunbridge 050771761 N.H.noneOrange (15)noneRandolphOrange
UnderhillP.O. Box 32, Underhill Center 054901763 N.H.noneChittenden (3)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Vergennes City120 Main St., P.O. Box 35, Vergennes 054911788 Vt.noneAddison (23)RutlandAddisonAddison
Vernon567 Governor Hunt Rd., Vernon 053541672 Northfield Ma.Hinsdale, N.H. 1753Windham (23)noneMarlboroWindham
Vershire6894 VT Rt. 113, Vershire 050791781 Vt.noneOrange (10)noneBradfordOrange
Victory102 Radar Rd., P.O. Box 609, North Concord 058581781 Vt.noneEssex (16)OrangeEssexEssex
Waitsfield9 Bridge St., Waitsfield 056731782 Vt.noneWashington (15)ChittendenWashingtonWashington
Walden12 VT Rt. 215, West Danville 058731781 Vt.noneCaledonia (10)Orange CaledoniaCaledonia
Wallingford75 School St., P.O. Box 327, Wallingford 057731761 N.H.noneRutland (23)BenningtonRutlandRutland
WalthamP.O. Box 175, Vergennes 054911796 Vt.noneAddison (5)RutlandAddisonAddison
WardsboroP.O. Box 48, Wardsboro 053551780 Vt.N.H. 1764Windham (10)noneMarlboro Windham
Warner’s Grant1791 Vt.noneEssex (2)OrangeEssexOrange
WarrenP.O. Box 337, Warren 056741789 Vt.noneWashington (17)AddisonWashingtonWashington
Warren’s Gore1789 Vt.noneEssex (3)OrangeEssexOrange
Washington2895 VT Rt. 110, Washington 056751781 Vt., N.Y. 1770KingslandOrange (5)noneRandolphOrange
Waterbury51 S. Main St., Waterbury 056761763 N.H.noneWashington (6)ChittendenWashingtonWashington
Waterford532 Maple Rd., P.O. Box 56, Lower Waterford 058481780 Vt.LittletonCaledonia (13)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
WatervilleP.O. Box 31, Waterville 054921824 Vt.noneLamoille (3)FranklinLamoilleLamoille
WeathersfieldP.O. Box 550, Ascutney 050301761 N.H.N.Y. 1772Windsor (20)noneWindsorWindsor
WellsP.O. Box 585, Wells 057741761 N.H.noneRutland (21)Bennington Fair HavenRutland
West FairleeP.O. Box 615, West Fairlee 050831797 Vt.noneOrange (11)noneBradfordOrange
West Haven2919 Main St., West Haven Center 057431792 Vt.noneRutland (8)Bennington Fair HavenRutland
West Rutland35 Marble St., West Rutland 057771886 Vt.RutlandRutland (11)Bennington RutlandRutland
West WindsorP.O. Box 6, Brownsville 050371848 Vt. from WindsorWindsor (15)noneWindsorWindsor
Westfield1257 VT Rt. 100, 100 Westfield 058741780 Vt.noneOrleans (2)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Westford1713 VT Rt. 128, Westford 054941763 N.H.noneChittenden (2)AddisonChittendenChittenden
WestminsterP.O. Box 147, Westminster 051581752 N.H.noneWindham (9)noneWestminsterWindham
Westmore54 Hinton Hill Rd., Orleans 058601781 Vt.WestfordOrleans (14)OrangeOrleansOrleans
WestonP.O. Box 98, Weston 051611799 Vt.from AndoverWindsor (21)noneWindsorWindsor
Weybridge1727 Quaker Village Rd., Middlebury 057531761 N.H.noneAddison (10)RutlandAddisonAddison
Wheelock1192 VT Rt. 102, P.O. Box 1328, Lyndonville 058511785 Vt., N.Y. 1774BamfCaledonia (6)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
Whiting29 S. Main St., Whiting 057781763 N.H.noneAddison (19)RutlandAddisonAddison
Whitingham2948 VT Rt. 100, P.O. Box 529, Whitingham 053611770 N.Y.noneWindham (20)noneMarlboroWindham
Williamstown2470 VT Rt. 14, P.O. Box 646, Williamstown 056791781 Vt.N.Y. 1770Orange (4)noneRandolphOrange
Williston7900 Williston Rd., Williston 054951763 N.H.noneChittenden (8)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Wilmington2 E. Main St., P.O. Box 217, Wilmington 053631751 N.H.and again in 1763 Windham (17)noneMarlboroWindham
Windham5976 Windham Hill Rd., Windham 053591795 Vt.noneWindham (2)noneWestminsterWindham
Windsor29 Union St., P.O. Box 47, Windsor 050891761 N.H., N.Y. 1772noneWindsor (16)noneWindsorWindsor
Winhall3 River Rd., Bondville 053401761 N.H.noneBennington (7)noneManchesterBennington
Winooski27 W. Allen St., Winooski 054041921 Vt.ColchesterChittenden (18)AddisonChittendenChittenden
WolcottP.O. Box 100, Wolcott 056801781 Vt.noneLamoille (6)OrleansLamoilleLamoille
WoodburyP.O. Box 10, Woodbury 056811781 Vt.noneWashington (1)CaledoniaWashingtonWashington
Woodford1391 VT Rt. 9, Woodford 052011753 N.H.renewed 1762 N.H.Bennington (13)noneBenningtonBennington
Woodstock31 The Green, Woodstock 050911761 N.H.N.Y. 1772Windsor (11)noneHartfordWindsor
Worcester20 Worcester Village Rd., Drawer 161, Worcester 056821763 N.H.WorsterWashington (3)ChittendenWashingtonWashington
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