My Celtic And Protoceltic Family

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- Haplogroup I2a –

The Anglo-English Family (Anglo-Saxons)

  • Patrilineality I2a2 (M223) SANTI BACQUE

Anglia or Angeln(Denmark [ancient Jutland]).

- ADNmt/ADNm or mtDNA/mDNA - ANTUNEZ ELISABELAR H1av: found in Britain and among the Basques.

  • Matrilineality I2a2 (M284) PEREIRO CALVETE

England (Great Britain or Albion).

- ADNmt/ADNm or mtDNA/mDNA - FERREIRO VILLAR: H3k(q) found in the British Isles and the northern of Spain.

Synthesis; Religion: Christianity|Etnich group or ethnicity: Angles and English (Anglo-Saxons).


- Haplogroup R1b –

The Celtic Family

  • Patrilineality R1b(L21) CHERRO (PERDOMO)

Celtic Atlantic branch.

- ADNmt/ADNm or mtDNA/mDNA - PERDOMO H3a: found in nothern-west Europe.

  • Matrilineality R1b (DF27) PEREZ (DIAZ)

Gascon-Iberian branch / Basque and Iberian branch.

- ADNmt/ADNm or mtDNA/mDNA - DIAZ H3c: found in western Europe and among the Basques.

Synthesis; Religion = Christianity|Etnich group or ethnicity = Celtic (Celts).