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Online Project Management
You have a lot to do in a short period of time. As a [http://www.projectmanager.com Project Manager] you need to manage people, tasks and money wisely if you're to succeed. You need to know real-time every day, whether you're on track. That's where Project Manager.com helps you. The innovative dashboard tells you whether you're on track. This smart Online Project Management software then goes one step further by helping you plan, monitor and report on your projects. As well as including all of the commonly used features found in Microsoft Project, this online project management software tells you the actual vs. planned progress as it happens. Because it's Web Project Management, you can login from anywhere, anytime to check on the status of your projects. You can print your status with the click of a button, or export your reports to PDF, Word or Excel to customize them on your desktop. It's so safe and secure that NASA trusts it to help manage their projects. So what are you waiting for? Sign Up and get a free 30 day trial today. You may also wish to use project management templates or a project management methodology or project plan tool with this online project management software, to boost your project success.

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