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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary. Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page. (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.) : "A.M." in Previous adres means Alte(r) Miete(r) i.e. Previous Tenant   Eddy 1159

Extra Keying Helps

Common abbreviations found in the Bemerkungen column.
Taken from the JewishGen database description.

Streets within the Lodz Ghetto.


Polish-alphabet.png The Polish alphabet. Grey indicates letters not used in native words.

Supplemental Polish occupation lists

World archives Project: Polish Occupations

Polish Dictionaries

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

Questions and Answers

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 I still have 2 questions. Are we keying Kind or not in the Beruf column? When wym is followed by a date and a place name in the Bemerkungen column do we key this as deportation as instructed? It looks like a move to another address and not a deportation. Patricia 1/26/13

1/31/13 I received this reply from Tim at Support: The Wym, while it may appear that they simply moved to a different location, this is a deportation date, so we ask that you key this in as the deportation date. The Beruf column is for profession, which while Kind, or child isn't really a profession, if that is what it has in this column, please key that in. We appreciate your contributions to the World Archives Project.

The image I am keying does not have a "Madechenname oder Name des Mannes" column, however I believe the maiden name is included in the "Name" column as there are often females with two values in this field separated by "geb." (eg, 'Srafin geb. Rotkel') Can someone please provide guidance on how these should be keyed?  Rebekah 1/28/13

A: I would key the geb name as maiden name. --Katerimmer 08:50, 29 January 2013 (UTC)

USHMM Message Board Questions and Answers

Q:I'm working on my first set of Łódź register books and I have 2 questions. I attach a small sample of Kenkarten Nr column. It's obvious from the way it's written that the numbers are 019014, 019015, 019016 but there's no as above mark. Do we enter 019014, 019015, 019016 or do we literally key as seen 019014, 15, 16? I've found this unanswered question on wiki discussion page: „(...)When wym is followed by a date and a place name in the Bemerkungen column do we key this as deportation as instructed? It looks like a move to another address and not a deportation. Patricia 1/26/13” (Wym)eldowany means „change of registration to new address” - it's even in the wiki. In the set that I'm working on wym+date is followed by a new address in the ghetto.

A:The first question has previously been answered by Anna and she said to copy the digits down from the full card number, i.e. you would key 019014, 019015, 019016 etc.

As for the second question, there has been no answer from WAP about this (as far as I know) so we have to carry on keying the "wym" date as deportation date until we hear otherwise. I suppose they could always change the name of the field to "event date" when the database goes live if it turns out these are not deportation dates.

Q: I have a follow up question re: Kenkarten Nr. I have a set where the first number of the column- the only one that has all the digits - is obscured. The rest of the column is as above with only the last two digits noted. Should I just put what I can read, even if it is only two digits, mark it as illegible or leave it blank?

Q: As I am keying the gender,  "M" does not extend to Männlich and has to be marked as correct. "März" also needs to be marked as correct in the birthdate column.

A: M should not be marked as correct - it should be keyed as Männlich and this does come up on the list of suggested entries when I am keying so I am not sure why you are not seeing it. I have found no problem with März either. --Katerimmer 09:06, 7 February 2013 (UTC)

Is there any place where there is a complete list of Professions? That is the section I am having the most trouble with. A: I found a list of professions on the Internet but when I tried to enter it here, the formatting messed up. You can Google Professions in German. Patricia

A2: Entering the <pre> tags around data of this kind will preserve the alignment. I've got your professions list here below.

Berufe - Professions
Englisch 	                  Deutsch
architect 	                  der Architekt
auto mechanic 	                  der Automechaniker
baker 	                          der Bäcker
bank teller 	                  der Bankangestellte, die Bankangestellte
bricklayer, stone mason 	  der Maurer
broker                            der Makler
  stock broker                    der Börsenmakler                  
  real estate agent/broker 	  der Immobilienmakler
bus driver 	                  der Busfahrer
computer programer 	          der Programmierer, die Programmiererin 
cook, chef                        der Koch, der Chefkoch
                                  die Köchin, die Chefköchin
doctor, physician 	          der Arzt, die Ärztin
employee, white-collar worker 	  der Angestellte, die Angestellte
employee, blue-collar worker 	  der Arbeiter, die Arbeiterin
IT worker 	                  Angestellte/Angestellter in der Informatik
joiner, cabinetmaker 	          der Tischler
journalist 	                  der Journalist
musician 	                  der Musiker
nurse 	                          der Krankenpfleger, die Krankenschwester
photographer 	                  der Fotograf, die Fotografin
secretary 	                  der Sekretär, die Sekretärin
student, pupil (K-12) 	          der Schüler, die Schülerin
student (college, univ.) 	  der Student, die Studentin
  Student: Note that German makes a distinction between a school student/pupil and a college-level student.
taxi driver 	                  der Taxifahrer
teacher 	                  der Lehrer, die Lehrerin
truck/lorry driver 	          der Lkw-Fahrer
                                  der Fernfahrer/Brummifahrer
waiter - waitress 	          der Kellner - die Kellnerin
worker, laborer 	          der Arbeiter

The Professions are very helpful! Thank you. I have been entering Männlich and then having to mark it as correct - same with März. Perhaps it is a problem with the Mac version of the software I am using.

I am now keying on my Mac laptop and having the same problem. It is very annoying. I do not see any way around it. I will ask Support. Patricia 2/11/13
This is a known bug discovered in prior to community release. If you look at the lists you'll see that anything with an umlaut appears as 2 entries and not one on the suggestion list. The only workaround is to override the validation when you have to. --Paulmd199 18:39, 11 February 2013 (UTC)

Q: I am working on an entry and I noticed that its seems that the surnames have been written under  "vorname" and first names have been wriiten under "name." Do I key as seen or do I key in the correct fields? Rachel 4/16/2013

A: Key in the correct fields. --Katerimmer 06:58, 17 April 2013 (UTC)

Q: If there is a Dr which would be a prefix in other projects but there is no prefix column here, do I ignore it or key it in the Given Name space? Patricia 4/14/13

A: Ignore it. --Katerimmer 21:46, 14 May 2013 (UTC)

Q.  Is the column "Abgem. den" a reflection of deportation dates?  Even as a native German I don't understand this entry or if it is important? Andrew 4/21/13

A: No, we ignore this column. --Katerimmer 21:43, 21 May 2013 (UTC)

Q: If the Register Page shows the title of the building but no names are listed, do we call this a cover page or do we enter it as a Register Page with the place as the title only? Patricia 5/31/13

A: Cover page. --Katerimmer 17:06, 31 May 2013 (UTC)

Q: I am reviewing a Register where the months are all written in Polish but the person has entered them in German. Should I change these to what is originally written on the image or leave them in German? Patricia 3 June 1913

A: The instructions appear to say that the months should always be keyed in German as far as I can see. --Katerimmer 22:35, 3 June 2013 (UTC)

Q; if the Männlich and Weiblich have obviously been put in the opposite columns but the writer has not changed it at the top as they sometimes do, do I key as seen or change to the correct sex? Also I have not yet seen an answer to the question put higher up in this section about keying partial numbers under Kennkarten when that is all that is visible. Patricia 10 June 2013


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Suggestion - the list of suggested entries for Given Name should be replaced with the list that was used for the Lodz Vital Records project as this is much more comprehensive. The list currently used for this project excludes many very common given names but they appear in the Vital Records list. --Katerimmer 09:00, 11 February 2013 (UTC)