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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary.  Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page.  (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.)

Extra Keying Helps

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When the image/page is in 2 parts or columns ( as in keying image examples 2 & 3)key names down the left hand side/column then down the right hand side/column. While it doesn't count as an error it takes longer to be reviewed.

Each image is keyed in 1 section. Do not create multiple sections.

When columns have an entry of ..... it means it is blank, only copy an entry from the one above if it has "do" or ". For land tables ( as in keying example 4) if there is no entry or ..... in the Date of Receipt column key the Date of Application.

With the page number auto filling when you go to the second image make sure you change it to the correct page number.

For tables that continue from a previous image set if it has a heading above the table use that to determine the event e.g. "Ordinary Licenses - cont'd" = Professional Listing, " Schedule of Conditional Purchases.....cont'd" = Land Transaction etc. If NO heading above the table leave the event field blank/empty.

Land Transaction and Ownership details of a deceased person should be showing as 2 separate events. Anyone who has "Land Transaction\Ownership details of deceased persons" on their tool in the event field needs to do the following - to update the lists close the keying tool go to C:\ProgramData\\KeyingTool\Dictionaries, delete the file 41239 event types. In the keying tool, download a new set from the gazettes to force the new file to be downloaded. You should now have the correct event type list to choose from. Kerrie.(information courtesy of Debby)

If the same name appears multiple times within an article, only key it once. With lists (e.g. unclaimed letters)if there are multiple Mrs Jones at the same location or just a street address, key Mrs(prefix) "blank"(given) Jones(surname)just once. If there are multiple Mrs Jones but with different locations key them all as separate records with their respective localities.

There is no need to F7 every field, only those that are not accepted ie. stay red/pink.

Keying Sample Images

Application to Register a Company (Other)

Impoundings (Other)

Owners details of deceased person

Residents petitioning for a municipality (Other)

Will & Probate Notices 1

Will & Probate Notices 2

Will & Probate Notices 3

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

1. Do NOT key names of the author of articles NOR authors of books for sale NOR monies received by the printer.

2. Wrong page numbers, they are NOT the number in [ ] with the article. Page no. will be in large bold font in the centre at the top of the image. If it is the first page of the Gazette, the page number will be smaller, in the centre at the top of the crest. Be aware that sometimes landscape oriented pages are turned sideways and the page number will be on the short edge.

3. Repeat the page number for every record on the page (F3 to copy down).

4. Only key the name of a County in the county field.  Do not key Districts nor Sydney nor the "Colony" of "New South Wales" into the county field

5. Do not make up your own Event Type.  For this field you must use one of the 14 project specific events, or leave empty if your article is continued from another set. To see the 14 event types, check the bottom of the field help.

6. Do NOT key Index, if that's all there is on the image change the form type to Cover Page.

7. If there are no names to be keyed, but there are articles/indexes/information/etc on the page, it is a Cover Page.   Only use "Image with no data" if there is nothing at all on the page.

8. With land transactions when it has the owner as John Smith (now William Brown) these are 2 different people so are keyed as 2 separate records/lines NOT as an alias. If it has Isabella Jane Smith now Isabella Jane Brown, Brown would be keyed as alias surname.

9. There are some (new?) keyers making basic errors in the general keying standards. See this thread for examples.

10. For locality field, if it says Ulmarra, near Grafton do NOT key Ulmarra,Grafton just key Ulmarra.

11. For location if it says Village Wingen or Parish Young do NOT key the words village, parish etc. just key the place names in the locality field.

12. Repeating -DO NOT KEY ANYTHING IN THE ALIAS FIELDS WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO KEY. Someone keeps randomly keying K and/or L in these fields on the unclaimed letters!!

13. Key the 3 letter abbreviations for months, if it says December key Dec etc.

14. If there is a list of names and at the end it has " - Esquires", key Esquire in the suffix field for all names.

15. Any list of names, e.g. appointment of trustees of grounds, that start with Messrs followed by the names, Mr should be keyed in the prefix field for each name, not Messrs

16. For Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction notices that state " In the real estate, goods, chattels, credits and effects...deceased, intestate" where there is NO mention of a will nor probate in the article, the event should be "Ownership details of deceased person".

17. For impoundments do not key lines with "blank"(given)"blank"(surname)if there is no specific person to be keyed such as when the notice says " by order of the trustees" or "by police" etc.

18. Keying company names incorrectly. eg 1. Heath & Moore would be 2 lines, "blank" (given) "Heath" (surname), then "blank" (given) "Moore" (surname) eg 2. J Ormond & Co would be "J" (given), "Ormond" (surname) eg 3. Smith Bros would be "blank" (given), Smith (surname).

19. When keying tables (eg brands)just key the locations noted, don't include the district heading within the table.

20. For bankruptcies key the location of the person not the court house.

Questions and Answers

If you have a keying question that is not answered on the project page or in any of the information above, click “EDIT” and ask it here. (If you click on Rich Editor you won't have to worry about formatting your entry.) Then click “WATCH” at the top right on this page and you will be notified via email when an update has been made.


Q: Am I to key the information regarding the Circuit Court - ie names of Judges?

A: No.

Q How does one distinguish what a Private Advertisement is. At the moment, under the Private Advertisement section, Real Property Act under which is says "Notice of Intended Issue of Provisional Certificate of Title" and I'm wondering if this is actually a Private Advertisement? Also there's another mentioning the dissolution of a partnership. Could you please give me a sense of what a Private Advertisement actually consists of.

A: If you don't have the heading "Private Advertisement" key whatever is on your image. There is no real distinction on the page of where they finish and other articles start. The names within the dissolution of a partnership are usually also the "authors" of the article which aren't keyed. In review if they have been keyed I let them go through. The issue of certificate of title would be keyed, event Land Transaction.

Q: Are elected Directors of Sheep Districts considered to be a Government Appointment?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the Real Property Act, Certificates of Indefeasible Title issued for Conditional Purchases considered a Professional Listing or Land Transaction?

A: Land Transaction.

Q: Is the appointment to the Licensing Court considered a Government Appointment or a Professional Listing?

A: Government Appointment.

Q: When a person is appointed to a new position and there's 'Vice' do I use the same date as the promotion or the date at the top right of the article?

A: The "vice" names are quite often missed. Use the same date as the appointment, however in review either date should be accepted.

Q: Is the appointment of a Reverend considered as a Professional Listing?

A: Yes, the appointment or registration of religious ministers is Professional Listing.

Q:I am keying a chart of "conditional leases," which contains several dates (date of receipt of application, date of confirmation, date of receipt of amount) for each different name. Which date do I key?

A:Date of receipt of amount by land agent. See keying example 4. Kerrie.

Q:What do you do when a column needs to be added for a Certificate Number? Also, a field is needed for professional education/ qualifications?

A: Only fill the fields/columns provided, certificate numbers are not keyed. Letters after the name, such as B A, M D, C P S, are keyed in the suffix field. Kerrie.

Q: With Licencing Courts Renewal of Licences what do we put for Event; Professional listing, Other or blank? Do we need to put an event in when we don't know what it is or can we just leave the space blank? As I read the instructions at present it seems to say that you need to put something in there.

A: in 3 parts:
A: a) If it is a listing headed "Quarterly and Special Licencing Courts", which is a listing of when & where the courts will be held for issuing licence renewals, the names listed are the convenors of the courts, ie Government Officials, and as such are not keyed in this project, just as with Mayors, Governors etc. So tables headed thus are ignored and not keyed at all. If this is all that appears on the image, change the form type to Cover page, Section header, etc. This is a recent decision published on the Australian board, and one of these pages is now shown as example 4 of a cover page on the instructions wiki page.
A: b) If it is a case of actual renewals of licences being granted, eg to auctioneers, publicans, etc., then the event is Professional Listing.

A: c) As per the instructions, "Event type may be found in the header or record level depending on the type and format of the article..... When event type is located on a previous image that is apart of your image set, copy it down, otherwise leave this field blank". So if you do not have the whole article in your image set to verify the event type, then you leave the event field empty. You do not have to enter the [Blank] as you would have to for a required field.

Q: Re Conditional leases. The one that I have does not have a Date of Rec of amount only Date of application and Date of confirmation and Basal Conditional purchase. Which one should I choose in this case?

A: Date of application.

Q: Is a mining lease the same as a mining licence? Do we key them as Land Transactions or Mining licences.

A: Lease is in relation to the land so technically Land Transaction, however both accepted in review.

Q: In a list of names with no heading how do we key in a business name? Do we key it in given or surname?

A: Only key business names that include peoples names, eg 1. Heath & Moore would be 2 lines, "blank" (given) "Heath" (surname), then "blank" (given) "Moore" (surname) eg 2. J Ormond & Co would be "J" (given), "Ormond" (surname) eg 3. Smith Bros would be "blank" (given), Smith (surname) If it is the first image of the set and there is no heading leave the event field blank/empty. - Kerrie.

Q: I am working on alphabetical pages of names without having the event page. At the end there is a list headed 'Initials' with initials and a place but no surname. Also another called 'summaries' with what looks like nicknames eg Mac, Ted with place but no surname. Will I leave them out?

A: Disregard the initials but key the "summaries" in the given field.

Q: Do we use Professional listing for a page with a list of Policemen and their Stations or should it be Other?

A: We can only key an event type if we have a heading or sufficient information on the image to determine what the event is. If you have just a listing of names continued from another set, leave the event type empty. If you have a heading, does it determine the list as promotions (Professional Listing) or appointments (Government Appointment) or perhaps Crime/Criminal Act, or something else entirely? And don't forget we are NOT keying ranks as a prefix on this project.

Q: I'm typing a list of names which are in alphabetical order and there are many listings that contain only a Mr., Mrs., or Miss Example: Mrs. Smith at a certain street address and beneath that is another Mrs. Smith at a different street address. Do I type each and every Mrs. Smith because they reside at different addresses?

A: Just key Mrs Smith ONCE when it is ONLY a street address (no suburb/town) and NO initial. Anyone searching will see that there are multiple people.

Q: Are letters that could not be delivered - example - letters to ships considered to be Unclaimed Letters?

A: Only if you have the first page of the list with the heading, otherwise leave the event field blank/empty.

Q: What does Trustees of Grounds exactly mean? I'm typing the names of Reverends as Trustees - is it the same thing?

A: Trustees are people or a group named to manage an area of property set aside to be used for a specific purpose for the community. Reverends are usually named as trustees for ground set aside for cemeteries or portion of a cemetery. Yes, the same thing and the event type is keyed as "Government Appointment".

Q: When keying an alphabetical list where there street addresses only (most have a district, etc) do I key the location from where the article is written - i.e General Post Office, Sydney

A: If you have the header date & location on the image and there is only a street address with nothing else then yes key "Sydney" for those entries only.

To make sure I'm understanding correctly can you post a screen shot on the Australian message board.

Q: When doing applications for land do I record the names of the people that appear in the "Description of Land applied for". Eg: Portion of the land leading from the south east corner of Powell's 80 acres grant?

A: Yes, include all names.

Q: When keying peoples' names addresses for Diseases in Sheep Acts Amendment Act of 1878, there is a column containing both their addresses and postal town - ie Roumalla Park, Balala, Dairy Farm, Green Valley. My question is do I enter their addresses along with the postal town?

A: If it's the one I'm thinking of, yes but don't include farm names such as Dairy Farm.

Q: I have read all of the guidelines and related information regarding this project. A ready answer to my 3 part question doesn't appear to be found within any information or examples I have found regarding this project, so I am hoping someone can help. I have a two image set, both images have a page number with "Western Division-Continued." as a Main Header, followed by a table with 5 Sub-Headers. The table includes names and business names of Licensees. Table Sub-Headers are: "No. Of Resumed Area", "Name of Resumed Area", "Name of Licensee", "Estimated Area Available", and "Amount of License Fee Payable for 1892". Questions 1 and 2: Since both images are continuation pages, would it be correct to leave the event type and date fields "Blank", since there doesn't seem to be anything specifically spelled out on the page for these fields, other than the heading with the amount of license Fee payable for 1892? Question 3: Would Event locality be keyed from the Name of Resumed Area Section of the table? Thanks in advance!

A: 1. With tables the event is only taken from the main header, so in this case as Western Division-Continued is inconclusive the event would be left blank/empty.

2. If there's no specific date for each person then just the year 1892 would be keyed. 3. Yes, if there is no district/parish/county columns.

Q: In keying government appointments when someone is appointed...and one person resigns, would the person who resigned be keyed and under event type use "other"?

A: Yes they are keyed, event would be Professional Listing or Government Appointment should also be accepted in review.


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Land Transaction and Ownership details of a deceased person should be showing as 2 separate events. Anyone who has "Land Transaction\Ownership details of deceased persons" on their tool in the event field needs to do the following -

    • to update the lists close the keying tool go to C:\ProgramData\\KeyingTool\Dictionaries
    • delete the file 41239 event types
    • In the keying tool, download a new set from the gazettes to force the new file to be downloaded.

You should now have the correct event type list to choose from.

Kerrie. 11 Feb 2014. (information courtesy of Debby)