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I see the Wiki has a discussion page so I'm trying it, as a vehicle to post arbitration notes. Wikis permit editing by all so just feel free to make corrections and additions to what I have started. This doesn't have to be a discussion like the message board.

I am assuming that "key as seen" really means that, and that seems to be a theme to keying variation in the several projects I have participated in. I have to pause and take a breath frequently while keying when I see something that I want to expand, but then I sigh and "key as seen" if that is what the instructions say.

The Relationship field instructions say "key as seen" so that means "Daugh" is "Daugh", not "Daughter". Likewise "Daug" is not "Daugh" or "Daughter".

The Birth Location field instructions say "key the location as seen". The general keying instructions for locations says "Abbreviations that appear with punctuation would be keyed without the punctuation and no spaces. For example, "G.B." would be keyed as "GB"." So I owuld expect that "N.M." which is often used should be keyed as "NM", not "N M" or "New Mexico". (I have been letting "N M" go through arbitration because I have not seen anyone use "NM" yet and fear my conclusion may be wrong.)

This is what Anna had to say about keying locations -- If the record says N. M. (with a space in between) key it as N M, but if it is N.M. (with no space) key it as NM
Also I've noticed that Daugh and others are in the relationship drop-down, so don't be afraid to use the 'key as seen'
The newer projects have taken 'the key as seen' rule and not the keying guideline rules, so sometimes it is hard to decide which to use... -- Wiedwoman 17:10, 16 September 2010 (UTC)