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Mistakes Seen on Keying

Do not key 4-digit years when only 2-digit years are shown.
Do not keying leading zeroes
Do not add parents surname when no surname is listed

Arbitrator thoughts

Agree with above. I spend most of my time reducing 4 digit years to 2 digits and taking away parents surnames when none are listed. Also people type 'William' when ' Wm' etc has been entered on the record. But does anyone read this? Surely there has to be a better way of providing feedback to keyers and arbitrators? A weekly e-mail of 'how to improve'? Is there a way of contacting you directly - this seems to be a very small community which surely would not cause too much extra work with the odd direct e-mail?

Last 'gripe' is that you are very USA centric - perhaps that is due to most of your membership/keyers/arbitrators being 'over the pond', but us, on this side, do have knowledge which could make your European records just that bit more accurate for future generations.

P.S. I am not on Facebook, twitter, etc etc nor ever intend to be as I like to keep my details away from those who like to use them to defraud us. I'm sure I'm not in a minority of one, so this is a genuine plea to ask for a 'real' avenue of contact with you folks.

Regards -- Somersetbloke 2135 utc 7 Sept 2010

Yet again I find myself in complete agreement with you Somersetbloke. Must be because I'm from Somerset too. -- Geoffeisen 07:38, 7 October 2010 (UTC)

Wiki as query board for project?

It's been suggested in various places (posts on WAP boards) that we should use the wiki for discussion, posting questions, etc, so people don't need to search multiple places on the boards. I'm not sure I agree that the wiki is the right place for this.

Would this page not then become a long rambling page of unsearchable uncategorized posts?

As projects mature, and keyers/arbitrators become more familiar with the project nuances, it could be a good place to post "tried and true" answers, but I don't see it as the appropriate place for a 20 response thread about getting to that answer.

Besides, if I don't see anyone else posting here how useful is it? --Perner167 21:15, 23 September 2010 (UTC)