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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary. Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page. (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.)

Extra Keying Helps

I've found on the attached example that there is a signature on the right side of the page. We should use the most complete name. -- Wiedwoman 23:31, 1 March 2012 (UTC)


Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

Key locations as seen e.g.: Lpool or L'pool. If apostrophes are shown they should be keyed. -- Wiedwoman 18:02, 13 March 2012 (UTC)

Questions and Answers

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Q: I have a set where it is obvious that the Crew's ages have been put in the Year of Birth column rather than the year. The voyage is 1891 and the Crew are 20 to early 30s, many marked First Voyage. Is it acceptable to put this information in the Age field, even though there isn't an Age column on the form? Otherwise, following the Key as Seen rule and expand to 4 digits, I would have to key as 1820 to 1830 - this would make the Crew all in their 60s and 70s!

A: Yes it would be ok to key the ages as if that is what the column was. -- Wiedwoman 18:06, 13 March 2012 (UTC)


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An excellent aid in locations:

A list of birthplaces commonly found on the crew lists with abbreviations used on the reports may be useful to new indexers especially. I hadn't found a similar reference, so made notes as I went along:

Aberdeen - Scotland
Abergele - Wales
Adelaide – Australia
Aldenham - England
Amlwch – Isle of Anglesey
Andersea, now Westonzoyland [Andesea] - England
Anglesey (Anglesea) (Ynys Môn) - Wales
Anghnady - England
Annan - Scotland
Antrim [Co Antrim] - Ireland
Arbroath (Aberbrothock /ɑrˈbroʊθ)- Scotland
Argyle - Scotland
Aridhglas (Ardglass) - Scotland
Arklow - Ireland
Armagh (Ard Mhacha) - Ireland
Arman - Croatia
Ashford Kent - England
Ayr - Scotland
Ayrshire (Coontie o Ayrshire) - Scotland
[B Ayres] (Bute or Beith Ayshire) - Scotland
Bangor - Wales
Barmouth - Wales
Beaumaris – Isle of Anglesey
Belfast – Ireland
Bergen [Bogen] - Norway
Birmingham [(B’ham] - England
Blandford [Blanfd] - England
Bombay - India
Bootle - England
Bradford – England
Bridgwater - England
Brigham [Bri’ham, Brmham] – England
Birkenhead - England
Bristol - England
Campbelltown - Scotland
Cameroon – Africa
Capetown – South Africa
Cardigan – Wales
Cargnon [Cargn] - Belgium
Carlisle [Carlile] – England, Australia or Canada
Carmarthen [Carmarthe] - Wales
Castle Douglas (Caisteal Dhùghlais; Castle Deeg) - Scotland
Cheltenham - England
Cheshire – England
Chester – England
Chile [Chili]
Christian - England
Colesbourne – England
Conway - Wales
Copenhagen – Denmark
Corfu - Greece
Cork [Cork-A-Ferry] (County) – Ireland
Cressage [Cressag] - England
Crosby [G’Crosby] - England
Cumberland (today Westmorland/Lancashire) – England
Cwm – England (Various sites)
Dailly (Dail Mhaol Chiarain) - Scotland
Dalbeattie [Dalbeatie] - Scotland
Darby - England
Dartmouth [Dartmo’] - England
Denbigh – Wales
Deptford - England
Derry - England
Devon - England
Donaghee, Ards [Donaghards] - Ireland
Douglas – Isle of Man
Down – Ireland
Dublin [Dblin] - Ireland
Dumfries - Scotland
Dumbarton - Scotland
Dundalk (Dún Dealgan meaning "Dalgan's stronghold") - Ireland
Dundee (Dùn Dè) – Scotland
Durham – England
Dysart (Dìseart) - Scotland
Edinburgh [Eburgh, Edinbro] - Scotland
Eely [Eeely] - England
Everton - England
Exmouth – England or Australia
Fifeshire [Fife] - Scotland
Flint - Wales
Fishguard (Abergwaun) – Wales
Franklands Gate [Frankland] - England
Galway (Gaillimh) - Ireland
Gareloch Head [Gereloch]- Scotland
Glasgow [G’gow] – Scotland
Gosport – England
Gothenburg [Gotterborg] – Sweden
Grand Banks – Newfoundland or Australia
Gravesend - England
Great Crosby [Gt Crosby] - England
Greenock [Gnock] (Grianaig) - Scotland
EnnisKillen – Ireland
Fishguard [Fishgaard] (Abergwaun) - Wales
Forfar - Scotland
Haddington – England or Scotland
Halifax - Canada
Hamburg – Germany
Harris, Outer Hebrides - Scotland
Hayes Kent - England
Heligoland – UK then; now, Germany (traded for Zanzibar)
Helsington (Helsin) – England or Helsinki, Finland
Holyhead - Ireland
Holywell – Wales
Hull - England
Hamburg [Hamburgh] - Germany
Huntingdon - England
Ilfracombe - England
Inverness - Scotland
Isle of Man – Channel Island (not part of the UK)
Jersey – Channel Island (not part of the UK)
Johnstone – Scotland
Kelso – Scotland
Kendal - England
Kilburn – England
Kildare (Cill Dara) – Ireland
Kilmarnock – Scotland
Kings Co – England
Kinsale - Ireland
Kirby – Isle of Man
Kirkbride [Kirkbr, Kirkcudt] - England
Kirkcaldy – Fife, Scotland
Kirkcudbright [Kbright, Kircubright] – Scotland
Kirkwall - Scotland
Lanark (Lannik) – Scotland
Lancashire – N England
Leith – Scotland
Lerwick – Shetland Islands, Scotland
Levenwick (Levwick) – Shetland Islands
Limerick - Ireland
Lincoln (Lindon) – England
Lisbon - Spain
Liverpool [Lpool, looks like Spool] – England
Llandudno – Wales or South Africa
Logan [Pl Logan] - Scotland
London – England
Longford (Longfort “The Fortification”) – Ireland
Louth - Ireland
Lutton - England
Magham – England
Malaga - Spain
Malham – England
Malpas - Cheshire or Cornwall, England; Newport, Wales
Manchester [Manches]- England
Mariansleigh [Marian] - England
Marpool [Marpo] – England
Mayon [Mayonne] - England
Meath (Meath Green) – Ireland
Memel - Russia
Mendham [Mend] - England
Merioneth - Wales
Metton - England
Milford – England, Ireland, New Zealand
Mold - Wales
Monaghan - Ireland
Montrose – Scotland, Ireland, Australia
Morpeth - England
Newbury – England
Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne, “The Toon” – England
New Orleans – Louisiana - USA
Newry – Ireland
Norfolk – England
Nottingham - England
Oswestry - Wales
Oxford - England
Paisley – Scotland
Prince Edward [P E Island] – Nova Scotia, Canada
Perth [Pearth misspelled] – Australia
Plymouth – England
Poole – Somerset or N Yorkshire - England
Portaferry - Ireland
Port Logan - Scotland
Portsmouth [Psmouth] – England
Prescot - England
Preston - England
Prince William [Pr William] -
Quebec – Canada
Queenstown – Ireland or New Zealand
Renfrew - Scotland
Rhyl - Wales
Rochdale - England
Ross – Scotland
Ross Common – Scotland
Ross-shire (Siorrachd Rois) - Scotland
Rothsay – Isle of Butte
Roxburgh (Rosbrog) – Scotland
Runcorn - England
Ruthin - Wales
St Davids - Wales
St Helens – England, or Isle of Wight
St John - Scotland
Salisbury - England
Salop (Shropshire now) – England
Sandford - Sheffield – S Yorkshire, England
Scalpay (Sgalpaigh na Hearadh) of Harris Is., Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Sheffield - England
Skye, Island of Skye - Scotland
Slapland - Sweden
Sligo - Ireland
Somerset - England
Southampton [S’ampton] – England
Stettin – Germany (now Sczezin, Polland)
Stephenston (Now Stevenston) - England
Stafford - England
Standish – Gloucestershire or Wigand, England
Stirling – (Sruighea/Stirlin) – Scotland
Stoneham - England
Stonehaven - Scotland
Stonehouse - England
Stranraer - Scotland
Strathblane – England
Sussex (Sūþsēaxe ('South Saxons')) – England
Sweden [Swedn]
Tarbert Harris [Tarbel Harris] - Harris Island, Outer Hebrides of Scotland.
Teignmouth [Teignmo’] - Scotland
Tewkesbury – England
Tiree - Scotland
Tranmere, England
Trieste, Italy
Trinidad – Caribbean
Tuebrook [TueBrook] - England
Ulverston (Ulverstone) - England
Upholland, England
Waterford - England
Wellington – England or New Zealand
Westhaven [W’haven] – Scotland
W Meath – Ireland
Wexford – Ireland
Whalton [Whalhon] - England
Whittlesey (Whittlesea) - England
Wickham - England
Wigton – Scotland
Winchester - England
Winder – Cumbria, England
Wisbech [Wisbeach] - England
Wiseford – Ireland
Whitchurch – England (multiple locations)
Woolwich - England
Worcester (Wuuster) – England
Workington – England
Wrexham – Wales
Key: [Abv found in the crew lists] (Ole Eng, Gaelic, or Welsh & other info)