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The Surname Passailaigue

I have found numerous spellings of the last name, and what I have found is that the spelling "Passailaigue" appears to be original and unique to America. There are around 20+ variations of the name, but the current spelling is found primarily in the United States and south America. Some variations claim Spanish citizens (Passalacqua) and other claim French Citizens (Passelègue).

The first mention of the name "Passailaigue" with this spelling is found in the United States in 1818 in Philadelphia. A passenger named "Mr. Passailaigue" arrives to the United States May 4, 1818 from Bordeaux, France aboard the ship "Hunter". Louis Passailaigue is the second mention who is 41 years of age in 1831 (his estimated birth year is 1790) when he arrives to Charleston, South Carolina. Eulalie Passailaigue is the third immigrant who arrives to the United States in the year 1843. She also arrives to South Carolina, which will eventually become the state with the largest concentration of people bearing th surname in America.

The Texas Branch of the Passailaigue Family Tree
Emma S. Passailaigue lived in South Carolina and was 32 yrs of age and the head of household for the 1870 federal census. She had the following children: John G. Passailaigue, Anita E. Passailaigue, Ernest S. Passailaigue, Louis F. Passailaigue, & Hope Passailaigue.Hope was the youngest of the children and in 1870 she is documented as being 2 yrs of age. The 1870 and the 1880 Federal Census of North Carolina do not document a husband for Emma or a father to her children. 

I am currently looking for more information on Ernest and John G. Passailaigue and their families.

Louis F. Passailaigue and Descendants

One of her sons, Louis F. Passailaigue married a woman named Grace Vincent Wentworth and traveled through Louisiana and eventually ended up in Bexar County, Texas. They had three children: Guy Wentworth, Lawrence, & Hope .

Lawrence Newby Passailaigue was born 05/11/1895 and died on 08/22/1952. He was in the US NAVY and is buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, CA. I do not know his descendants.

Guy Wentworth Passailaigue married Florence Margaret Corn. They had nine children, only three of whom were male: Emma Passailaigue-Cain, Gordon Corn Passailaigue, Ethel Passailaigue-Sapp, Marjorie Passailaigue-Morris, Ruth Passailaigue-Maltsberger, Hope Passailaigue-Grunwald, Robert Guy Passailaigue Sr., Billy Jean Passailaigue-Douglas, & Ted Passailaigue.Gordon Corn Passailaigue was born Jul. 27, 1916 in San Antonio, Tx and died in Boerne, Tx on Sept. 24, 1991. From his obituary his first wife died and he remarried another woman who had two children from another marriage. I don't know if he had any Passailaigue descendants. Ted Passailaigue has four children, only one of whom is male: Yvette Adamson, Saundra Passailaigue, Trisha Passailaigue Brown, & Gary W. Passailaigue. Gary Passailaigue has two young children: Wayne Wentworth Passailaigue and daughter Megan Sue Passailaigue. Robert Guy Passailaigue Sr had three children, one of whom was male: Robert Guy Passailaigue Jr., Terry Nell, & Barbara Jean.Robert Guy Jr. married Murna Jean Nason and had one child, a son named Matthew Ryan. Matthew is the only male with the last name Passailaigue from the Robert Guy Passailaigue Sr's lineage. .