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The Oliva Family Tree since 1910 stating with my Grand Mom Apolonia Oliva , She used to be married to Tiburcio Lopez she had a total of 8 children including my father Fredy Nicanor Oliva, then he went on to married my mother Eduvina Isabel Baires, from that marriage three boy were born, Wilber A Oliva, Fredy M. Oliva and Edgar M. OLiva. Fredy Nicanor Oliva was a Musician living all his life in El Salvador he was born on 05/14/1940 or 1944 there is a discrepancy on the year he was born , Eduvina Baires was a dress maker and she was born January 01, 1940, lived in El Salvador until 1976, then emigrated to United States to live in Los Angeles. They Divorce in 1974. He then re married to Gladys Aide Castillo from that marriage three kids were born, Miguel,Cesar and Liliana he also had another child outside the marriage her name is Laura Oliva.