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The van Helsdingen family is a Dutch surname that originated in Helsdingen,Netherlands. Nowadays the surname is most common around Zwolle and Utrecht. One branch of the family moved to South Africa. There were 231 people with this surname living in the Netherlands during the 2007 Netherlands census. The surname is also common in Canada.


The surname van Helsdingen originated from Helsdingen, a town in the municipality Vianen in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Modern Distribution

231 people with the surname van Helsdingen were living in the 2007 Netherlands census. They live mostly in the provinces of Utrecht, Zuid-Holland and Overijessel. There are many van Helsdingens living in the United States. The van was taken off of the name during World War II and is now Helsdingen. The majority of these Van Helsdingens live in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding area.