Maryland State Archives

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350 Rowe Blvd.
Annapolis, MD 21401

In a beautiful building that opened in 1986, the Maryland State Archives, formerly the Hall of Records, is the central place for original source record research. Generally, one can expect to find all colonial governmental records as well as those from statehood up to 1900 and in many cases much later, as it is the official depository for all “state” records created before 28 April 1788, and for noncurrent records of state agencies, counties, and towns. Some service is available by mail; write for details and fees. Bulletin No. 17: A Guide to the Index Holdings of the Maryland State Archives is available for a nominal fee. The state archives sells microfilm of newspapers (see Maryland Periodicals, Newspapers, and Manuscript Collections). The Archives of Maryland and several hundred other volumes of governmental records and historical publications are available on the state archives’ website at