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Thriving wiki communities are built by people like you, one line at a time.  Over time, the community will evolve and develop areas of interest and expertise, as well as particular social norms.  The purpose of a Community Portal is to give users like you a place to jump off in any number of directions, with the knowledge you can always come back to the portal and start off on a new journey.

Destiny of personal collections

This community portal looks sort of sparse -- I guess I will start it.  I am interested in discussing what to do with personal collections of documents and vestidos da moda photos in the long term.  I have just about decided to donate mine to the Missouri Historical Society or the MO history museum, but I have have tons of scans.  As I am writing, I am wondering about the Internet Archive.  I am quite concerned that my material remain freely available.  Susanchambless 18:18, 20 February 2011 (UTC)