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Surname name origins & meanings:

Kittinger Coat of Arms

German: possibly from a Germanic personal name with the initital element Gid-, cognate with Old English gidd ‘song’. German: variant of Kettinger, from Middle High German kote ‘cottage’, hence a topographic name or an indirect occupational name for a day laborer.

Early European History:

Early United States History:

In 1840, the majority of the Kittinger's occupied the states of PA and IL.

Later United States History:

The Kittinger Furniture Company was founded in Buffalo, NY in 1866.

Famous Kittingers:

Joseph Kittinger, Civil War Diary Author

Joseph Kittenger (1839-1915)- Civil War soldier who kept a detailed diary of events.

Capt. Joe Kittinger, USAF

Capt. Joseph Kittinger- War hero (US Air Force) and world record holder for longest free fall and parachute jump.

Jo S. Kittinger, Author

Jo S. Kittinger- The American childrens book author of over 15 books and news paper journalist for the Birmingham News.