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Eleazer KING Sr. (1784 - 1854)[1]

Parents: John K. KING Jr. (1765-1855) and Sarah HAWKINS (1773-1830)[2] Life Range: Oct 15, 1784 - May 1854

1784 Oct 15 Birth: Massachusetts, Berkshire, Williamstown. [1]

1804 May 27 Marriage: Massachusetts, Berkshire, Williamstown. Nancy FOWLER. in Williamstown, Berkshire, Massachusetts. [2]

1805 Daughter born (#1): Nancy KING (1805-). Born in Sunderland, Bennington County, Vermont. [2]

1807 - 1860 Daughter born (#2): Abigail Morency KING (1807-1860). Born in Sunderland, Bennington County, Vermont. Died in 1860. [2]

1809 Sep 23 Son born (#3): John Moris KING (1809-1855). Born in Sunderland, Bennington County, Vermont. Died on Nov 13, 1855. [2]

1811 Son born (#4): Eleazer KING Jr. (1811-1897). Born in Sunderland, Bennington County, Vermont. Died in 1897. [2]

1816 Son born (#5): Lorenzo Don KING (1816-1839). Born in Williamstown, Berkshire, Massachusetts. Died on Mar 20, 1839 in Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio. [2]

1816 Residence: New York, Saratoga County, Northumberland. [2]

1817 Residence: New York, Tioga. "This town is just across the state line and a little west from the spot where [founder of the Mormon Church] Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized in the Susquehanna River."

1819 Aug 26 Son born (#6): Alonzo F. KING (1819-). [2]

1821 May 1 Son born (#7): Enoch Marvin KING (1821-1895). Died in 1895. [1]

1822 Jun 24 Huldah KING (1822-1897). Died in 1897. [1]

1824 Daughter born (#9): Mary KING (1824-). [1]

1826 Son born (#10): Robert KING (1826-). [1]

1830 Mar Death of Mother: New York, Washington County, Fort Edward. Sarah HAWKINS (1773-1830).

1836 Residence: Ohio, Lake County, Kirtland. to 1838 [2]

1837 Sep 24 Religion: High Priest, Church of Latter Day Saints. "Living only 15 miles from Palmyra, the King family must have heard about Joseph Smith, his vision, and the gold plates. The news of these things was common knowledge all around that part of the country. It would be interesting to know how Eleazer and Nancy learned of and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints but no record has been found concerning this event. We know that this family moved to Kirtland, Ohio in the spring of 1836. The first Latter Day Saint temple was dedicated there on the 27th of March and again on the 31st. It is unknown as to whether Eleazer's family had arrived in Kirtland in time for that historic event. It is a matter of record that Eleazer King, Sr. received a patriarchal blessing under the hands of Joseph Smith, Sr. at Kirtland on October 14, 1836. He was ordained an Elder in the fall of 1837." [1]

1837 Nov 17 Baptism: Ohio, Lake County, Kirtland. by Brigham Young [2]

1839 Mar 20 Death of Child (#5): Ohio, Lake County, Kirtland. Lorenzo Don KING (1816-1839). [1]

1852 Emigration: Ohio, Lake County, Kirtland. to Salt Lake with the Mormon Church with the John Tidwell Company (1852)[1]

1854 May Death: Utah, Sanpete County, Spring City. [1]

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