Julia Dudiel went from Mexico to Venezuela between1885 1895

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My name is Ilda Gonzalez Lara. My Mom[Hilda Sabina Dudiel] since I was a little girl, she told me the story about my great grand-ma[Paula Elvira Dudiel].She never got married but had 2 daughthers[Natty and Ligia]She told me that my great-grandma was born in 1891 and when she was born her Mom Julia Dudiel died during her delivering.My great-grandma only had a picture of her Mom[in that picture she was about 20 years old,Julia Dudiel and my great-grandma who I meet,said that she came from Mexico and that her Dad died in Mexico in a car accident.M and I kept y Great-grandma was raise by a diferent family[Ramirez] but in the birth certificate her last name is Dudiel and she said that her last name was Julia.This story always impress me.I am 54 years old and I kept this story like a secrect for many years.I don't care if other people know about it.