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Jacob Rice was born in Kentucky around 1847,as a slave he came to live in Lexington,MO at the age of 13. Laterk as a free adult he married Alice and she apparently died at an early age. He married his second wife, Lucinda Lee (VA) in 1852. Jacob and Lucinda had six children, Nancy, Issac, Richard, Ona, Levy and Will. The all resided in Lafayette County, MO. Ona born in 1890 grew up and married Thomas Wesley Moreland Sr born in 1868. Thomas was from Union Springs, AL. Altogether they have at least 12 children. One of their daughters, Fontella Moreland (1912) eventually lived in Independence, MO. Fontella died in 1987, but did have one daughter, Delores Graham. Delores Graham had 9 children. As we all know working on the family tree is time comsuming and difficult at times, not to mention as an african american family search, slave records are non-existent or skecthy. I am tryng to locate Jacob Rice and Lucinda Lee's Family. They may have brothers and sisters who started families and I would like to talk to any possible decendants.