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Joseph Hyla Born April 30, 1898 died 1967 in Hospital in Coaldale, PA Dad =Ignatius Hajla Mom = Julia Brother Matt, Tony Hajla Kajla Kayla Hyla Hejla Volunteered for army in WWI around 1913 when he was 15. Mustard Gas in Germany Had pension from the Leigh Valley Coal Company Mary Hyla nee Nemeth, Nimet Nemet Came to US in 1911 Born March 19, 1905, died Jan 3, 1971 in hospital in Coaldale, PA Dad = ? possibly Yanega Stepdad = Stefan Nimet, Nemeth, Nemet Mom = Rose Nemeth, Nemet, Nimet nee Miklosovic She had three brothers John, Paul, Michael. Paul is Mary Agnes Miklosovic’s dad. Worked for Rosenaugh Brothers