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The Hoogenbosch surname is a dutch surname. The name originated in the 1700s and came from the surname Hogenbos. The 2007 census in the Netherlands recorded 236 people with this surname, mostly living in Noord-Holland and around Utrecht and Nijmegen. A few Hoogenbosch's immigrated to America and Australia. The surnames Hoogenbos and Hogenbosch share a common ancestor with this surname, Cornelis Andriesz Hobos (c.1680-1755).


Sint Lambertus Kerk, where many members of the Hobis family were baptised.

The surname Hobis first appears in Nederweert church records with the marriage of Jan Hobis and Gertruda Maxels in 1568. During the next one hundred years, many variations of the name existed including Hobus and Hobos. Cornelis Andriesz Hobos, one of many people from the Hobus/Hobes family, moved to Haarlem. Different lines of the family adopted different surnames and three variants of surnames exist in his direct male-line descendents:Hoogenbosch, Hoogenbos and Hogenbosch. The book Uit Pinmaekers Geboren includes a detailed history and genealogy of this family (in dutch).