Happy 5th Anniversary

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This year marks our fifth anniversary. As I look back over the last 5+ years at all of the projects we have worked on, the thousands of new keyers, the keying tool updates, addition of the wiki, the many, many message board discussions, Twitter parties, introduction of the World Memory Project, and everything that has brought us to this point I am in awe of what our community has accomplished. I am equally appreciative of the time and efforts of everyone who has played a role in the World Archives Project. We are a strong community who has grown from a beta testing group of hundreds to the tens of thousands of contributors who have completed 100,000,000+ records.

How should we celebrate 5 years of keying, arbitrating, and reviewing millions of records? Keying millions more. We hope you will join us in our goal to key 5 million records for every year - 25,000,000 records!

And now for a look back…

If you remember having to set the form positions you have been with the project for a long time! Note that there are 5 tabs across the top of the screen – there was a lot to do before getting to the data entry step. We have streamlined this down to two now, 1. Select Image Set and 2. Enter Data. Although yes, we do have a select form type step that is no less important than it used to be, but is now integrated in the Enter Data flow.

Once you get to the Enter Data not as much has changed. Now we can minimize the Field Help instructions, and they have moved from the right to the left but the overall structure is today what it was then. We have always focused on making this step simple as capturing the data from the record is what is really important.



The keying tool has changed as has our community. We have grown in size, knowledge and determination. It is inspiring to see the efforts being put forth by all of you. Thank you!