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Coat of Arms of Florange
Place of Origin
Florange, France
Saarland, Germany


A family name common to inhabitants town of Florange in the Fensch Valley. Florange is currently on the Eastern border of France (as of 2010) and has been part of multiple counties at different time to include Germany and Luxembourg.

Florange has changed names at different times to include:

  • Floriking
  • Florchange
  • Flourange
  • Fleurenges / Fleuranges
  • Flörchingen / Floerchingen (in German)
  • Fléschéngen / Flörschéngen / Fléischéngen

Common surname spellings include variations on the following:

  • Florange
  • Florchinger
  • Floerschinger
  • Flerchinger
  • Fleurchinger
  • Fleurange


Original crest/blazon featured 3 fleur-de-lis. Robert the 1st changed this to an eagle holding a sword. By 1240 Phillipe II may have been using either a unicorn or a lion on the crest, but he was definately using a lion on the crest by 1252. In 1303 the previously black lion was changed to gold, with a red field, and a saw-toothed white border.

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