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I have been working on Rhode Island Vital Statistics. As far as event city: On the top of the page it often says Rhode Island alone. So I put no city? Also I will see at the bottom of entering a family of births - "first three children born in a certain city other than the heading city. Can I enter in those cities? Also I will see a note born at (certain city) not of the heading city. May I enter that city? Sometimes city in another state?

Thanks for any help I would hate to do anything wrong and certainly want to include information that is viable.

Regards Pattie, Ohio

A: If it shows Rhode Island at the top of the page, only list cities that are shown in the paragraph. If you see "first three children born at such and such city", key that city. The others would be left blank unless it says others born at such and such city. You may key a city but do not key a state or county or another country. The next page will usually have a heading of a city. Key that city for every entry unless there is something different on that record. -- Wiedwoman 02:37, 17 February 2013 (UTC)