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Ralph Waldo Emerson was born May 25,1803 in Boston, Mass. He was first married to Ellen Louisa Tucker who passed away before they had any children. He subsequently married Lydia (Lydian) Jackson and had four children, Waldo, Ellen, Edith and Edward Waldo. 1) Edith Emerson (born 1841) married William Hathaway Forbes - son: Edward Waldo Forbes 2) Waldo - 1836-1842 dies from scarlet fever 3) Edward Waldo Emerson (1844-1930) married Annie Shepard Keyes and had seven children. Allen (4/28/1880), Raymond (11.28.1886), William (10/26/1884), Florence (10/29/1882), John (7/6/1878), William (7/11/1875), and (?) His son Raymond married Amelia 4) Ellen 1838-