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The Czech alphabet is a version of the Latin alphabet. It has diacritical marks above letters to represent sounds that are not found in Latin.

There are 42 graphemes in the Czech alphabet:

Czech Alphabet Image.png

A few tips to keep in mind when working on Czech projects:

The letters Q and W are not used in native Czech. These letters are used in foreign words. Once the word is adopted into Czech, they are replaced with Kv and V.

The letters Ě and Ů are rarely if ever capitalized because they cannot occur at the beginning of any word.

Other Helps

Months in Czech with English translation.  Notice that there are alternate ways of spelling each month with the exception of September. Typically the alternate spelling will be found in sentances.  You will also see many dates written with the month as a Roman numeral.  When keying the project, we will only key the standard version of the month.  When you see the alternate spellings and Roman numerals in the image, you will need to key the Standard Czech month as seen on the far left.

Example 1:  25.V.1942  would be keyed  Day - 25,   Month - květen, Year 1942

Example 2: dne 9.dubna 1941 would be keyed Day - 9, Month - duben, Year - 1941


 Czech Months Expanded.png

NOTE: The date will always appear in the day-month-year format. It usually follows the word "dne", which means "on the day" and usually follows a place name as well.