Contributors Recognized at Museum 20th Anniversary Event

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The Museum and were pleased to recognize two individuals for their dedication to the World Memory Project at the Museum’s 20th Anniversary National Tour in Los Angeles on February 17.

At special sessions highlighting the World Memory Project, two contributors—Rhoda Becker and Patricia Lewin—received certificates of appreciation from the Museum and recognizing their role in helping Holocaust survivors and victims’ families learn about the fate of loved ones and honor those who were lost. Each contributor has indexed several thousand of the nearly 2 million historical records keyed so far through the project.

“The World Memory Project is all about honoring people whose names and personal identities were stripped away by the Nazis,” said Lisa Pearl, World Memory Project Director. “We are so pleased to have the opportunity to personally thank people like Rhoda and Patricia who are working so tirelessly to make information about Holocaust survivors and victims available to their family members.”