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'Bold text'Bold textMary Billington,born ABT 1608, Plymouth, England, daughter of Mayflower Pilgrims: John Billington and Eleanor Lockwood Billington and sister of Pilgrims, John Billington, Jr. and Francis Billington. In some research, I have found reference to Mary Billington marrying Thomas Boltwood and in other instances, Thomas Boltwood marrying Mrs. Thomas Boltwood. There was a son, Robert Boltwood referenced as the child of Thomas Boltwood and Mrs. Thomas Boltwood. Research on this family is very dicey. I am a direct decendant to Mary (if I can prove it)through Thomas Boltwood. The file I have found lists Thomas Boltwood, born BET 1595 and 1600 in Essex, England and died AFT 1625. There is a dark side of this family, as John Billington, (Pilgrim-Mayflower) was hanged in 1630 for the murder of a new settler, John Newcomen, after shooting him over Hunting Rights to a certain property. He was ordered by Gov. Winthrop to be hanged in the year 1630 . I have many articles referencing a "bad rap" for John Billington. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any additional information thant could aid my endeavor in proving direct decendancy to John or Eleanor.

Jeannette Stearns --Yennie1234 17:39, 23 December 2011 (UTC)Dedek