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This entry was originally written by Wendy Bebout Elliott, Ph.D., FUGA for Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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The Arkansas History Commission maintains an excellent collection of Native American records. Included in the collection are agency records, correspondence, and census of Creek Indians, 1832; census of Cherokees east of the Mississippi, 1835 and index; Cherokee census, 1890; Old Settler Cherokee census roll, 1895; index to payment roll, Old Settler Cherokees, 1896; compilation of Choctaw Nation records, 1896; Choctaw Nation census index for 1896 and final rolls of citizens and freedmen of the Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw tribes, and the Creek and Seminole tribes in Indian Territory, 1906; enrollment cards for the Five Civilized Tribes (in Oklahoma), 1896–1914; and the U.S. census Indian Territory, 1900. Some of the Commission’s information for Native Americans is online at The WPA Guide to 1930s Arkansas (see Background Sources for Arkansas) contains a succinct overview.

Other references include:

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  • Edgington, Billy Dubois, and Carol Anne Buswell, eds. Vital Information from the Guion Miller Roll (Eastern Cherokee Court of Claims), 1906–1909. Mill Creek, Wash.: Indian Scout Publications, 1998. Over 1,000 pages of information, alphabetically arranged. Data includes given and surnames; Miller Roll application number; gender; birth year; birth state; city, county, and state of residence; and Soundex codes of surname.
  • Foreman, Grant. Indian Removal: The Emigration of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians. Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press, 1986. A history of the Trail of Tears.