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RECORDS | 17 05 2016

Are you more European than you think?

Everyone’s talking about Europe at the moment – but maybe you’re more European than you think? Find out, with one simple DNA test. AncestryDNA can trace both maternal and paternal lines to give you your entire genetic make-up at a glance online.

Just order your kit, return your sample and your DNA will be analysed at more than 700,000 genetic markers. We’ve recently made AncestryDNA 20% cheaper – so there has never been a better time to take the test.

RECORDS | 07 04 2016

Your chance to solve your family mystery on TV

Do you suspect you may have a secret sibling? Do you want to be reunited with a family member? Or is there a family mystery you want to get to the bottom of? Then TV production house Boundless (part of the FremantleMedia group) are keen to help.

The maker of documentaries like An Hour to Save Your Life (BBC Two), Grand Designs (Channel 4) and The Apprentice (BBC One), Boundless are working with us to create a new family history TV show - and they are looking to recruit real people, with family mysteries they want to uncover, to take part. Whether secrets and lies or divorces and distance are to blame, the series will follow and help people to uncover the truth of their family history, find the answers they seek or trace family members - a sibling, parent, cousin or even a child - they have never met.

If you’d like to be involved – they’d love to hear from you. Just send your story to or call 0207 691 639 and you could solve your family mystery on television!

TV Callout
RECORDS | 05 04 2016

Overseas BMD records

Explore three new collections of birth, marriage and death registers and discover fascinating details of family members who lived, served or travelled abroad. Together the records span more than 200 years – covering the time when the British Empire was at its height - and will help you locate people missing from the civil Birth, Marriage and Death indexes.

RECORDS | 22 03 2016

Easter Rising records

The 1916 Easter Rising heralded the birth of modern Ireland. To commemorate its centenary and to help you find out if anyone from your family was involved, we’re releasing records specific to the event. They include Court Martial records of the leaders and civilian sympathisers; British intelligence profiles of those suspected of being disloyal to the Crown, and even a letter from Padraig Pearse to his mother, sent just days before his execution.

RECORDS | 16 03 2016

Yorkshire Probates, 1521-1858

Get a fascinating insight into the lifestyle and wealth of your Yorkshire ancestors, with these new probate records covering more than three centuries from 1521 to 1858. The collection includes wills, letters of administration and inventories, which together reveal an intimate record of life in the county - including household goods, farm and business stock, and debts as well as family and social relationships.

RECORDS | 29 02 2016

10 million new Irish Catholic parish records

March 2016 is a big month for Ireland because in addition to St Patrick’s Day it’s also the centenary of the Easter Rising. To commemorate the event that gave birth to modern Ireland and to help you piece together a more accurate picture of your Irish family history, we’re adding 10 million Catholic parish records to our database today.

Covering more than 1,000 parishes and stretching back to the 17th century, these new records are the single most important register of Irish family history prior to the 1901 census.

RECORDS | 11 02 2016

Crusheen Records, 1860-2014

The small Catholic parish of Crusheen (Irish: Croisín) in County Clare, Ireland is the source of the newest additions to Ancestry’s rapidly expanding collection of parish records. We have two new Crusheen Catholic collections for you to explore: Crusheen Catholic Parish Registers, 1860-2014, which include information-rich baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial registers; and Crusheen Catholic School Records, 1862-1919, which include names, birth dates and enrollment dates for each student along with school names and location.

RECORDS | 14 01 2016

Police Gazettes 1812-1927

You can uncover your ancestors’ uncomfortable secrets and grisly tales in the latest addition to our criminal collections - scanned images of The Police Gazette. Produced in London by the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police Service, the newspaper is packed with information on wanted criminals, missing persons and army deserters.

It includes very specific details such as names and aliases, physical descriptions, where they were from, occupation, known associates and much more. It even features photographs or sketches from photographs to aid the police in capturing the scoundrels and gives you specific details of their dastardly deeds.

RECORDS | 06 01 2016

Northamptonshire Parish Records, 1532-1812

The county of Northamptonshire is the latest addition to Ancestry’s growing collection of parish records. Parish records are a superb resource to help you discover your family history before the 1800s and can even take you right back to the time of Henry VIII. And our new Northamptonshire records are no exception.

But don’t worry if your ancestors didn’t call Northamptonshire home. Our existing Parish records already cover many counties throughout the UK and our new Northamptonshire records are just the first of several new collections we’ll be releasing during 2016, so keep an eye out – there are more on the way.

RECORDS | 03 12 2015

Top 10 tips to help you this Christmas

Christmas is nearly here and there’s no better time to grow your family tree. To help you out, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for December discoveries.

We’ll give you the first tip here to get you going. Check out our Facebook page for the next 10 days for more seasonal suggestions.

Top festive tip: Over the next few weeks, you’ll probably see far more of your extended family than usual. If you have an Android, iPhone or iPad, download our free app from the Play Store or iTunes. Then you can edit your family tree, add photos and even check our records at the dinner table!

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