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RECORDS | 09 09 2016

Historical photos from all over the UK

Now you can take a historical tour of the UK in even more detail. We've added 300,000 new images to our City, Town and Village Photos, 1857-2005.

See for yourself what life was like in your ancestors’ home towns. Find out what has changed in the place you were born. And even spot local landmarks that stood the test of time as everything (and everyone) around them changed.

Whether it’s your first time searching our photos or you’re returning to see what’s new, this is a rare chance to catch a true-to-life glimpse of the past.

RECORDS | 01 09 2016

The Great Fire of London - 350 years on

The Great Fire of London affected rich and poor. Some 70,000 inhabitants of the City of London were forced to flee their homes. Was your relative one of them?

To commemorate 350 years since the Fire, you can search our London records. Whether your ancestor was well off or hard up, you can trace their lives through our London parish, workhouses and Poor Law records.

RECORDS | 17 08 2016

WWII Merchant Seamen Deaths

Over 50,000 merchant seamen lost their lives during and just after WWII. You can now search these extensive records to discover more information on family members who perished providing vital support to Britain and her allies.

You will find more than just the names and addresses of relatives. These unusually detailed records also include the ship they were on and the place, date and cause of death.

RECORDS | 11 08 2016

National Probate Calendar extended by 6 million records

Our National Probate Calendar has been updated with more than 6 million records covering the period from 1973-1995. An essential resource for tracing even your recent ancestors’ wills the calendar is an index to all probate cases in England and Wales since January 1858, when the 1857 Probate Act took effect. It provides information on where and when someone died, as well as the value of his or her estate.

Although the Calendar doesn’t include the actual wills themselves, you can use the details provided to order copies from the Principal Probate Registry or any district probate registry.

RECORDS | 08 08 2016

New nursing records 1891 to 1968

Three major new collections of nursing records could show you whether your relatives helped save lives. With over 70 years of information available, you can now search for ancestors who were nurses between 1891 and 1968.

With names, addresses and enrolment dates from nurses registered with the Royal College of Nursing you can easily follow new branches of your family tree. And there is more to discover. If your relative was registered with the Queen’s Nursing Institute you could open up valuable new lines of enquiry, including the place where your ancestor was educated.

RECORDS | 29 07 2016

Discover more about the World Cup winning team from 1966

July 30th marks 50 years to the day since England won the football World Cup. How much do you know about the players on the pitch that day?

Our records from the time allow you to find interesting details about the players. For example did you know that Bobby Moore’s middle name was Chelsea? Use our birth, marriage and death records, as well as electoral rolls, to look further into that world beating team.

At the same time why not take the chance to discover how the tournament – and the swinging sixties – impacted your own family.

RECORDS | 21 07 2016

Over 4 million Norfolk parish records now available

Extensive parish records from the county of Norfolk are the latest addition to our ever-increasing parish database. There are over 4 million records to explore and they reveal the long history of immigration to the area since the time of Henry VIII. Over the centuries large groups of Flemish, Walloon, Dutch, Huguenot and Italian settlers have been attracted to the area and their multi-cultural influence can still be seen in the trades and architecture of the region. It was Flemish settlers who introduced canary breeding and exporting to the city of Norwich in the 1600s and the bird is still reflected in the emblem, colours and nickname of Norwich City Football Club.

RECORDS | 15 06 2016

New Gloucestershire prison records

More than 12 million records from the county of Gloucestershire are now available to explore including the county’s detailed Prison Records 1791-1914, which give an intriguing insight into 19th century crime and punishment. They comprise a comprehensive series of prisoner calendars, registers and conviction books. There are even thousands of photos that were passed around the help local policemen recognise habitual offenders.

Our other new Gloucestershire records include annual Electoral Registers 1832-1974 and the Gloucestershire Land Tax Records, 1713-1833.

RECORDS | 31 05 2016

Were your family at the Battle of Jutland?

Look into family members who took part in the Battle of Jutland, plus uncover their full service history with our extensive naval records. Your ideal first stop is the Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services, 1853-1928, which include birthdate, birthplace, vessels served on and dates of service. From there you can dive into our numerous other WW1 Navy records, such as the medal and award rolls, or explore our wider WW1 records covering all Britain’s armed forces.

RECORDS | 28 05 2016

New Fold3 collections

Fold3 has released four new sets of British and Commonwealth military records to add to their extensive collections. Available through our All Access membership, the latest additions feature the British Army Recipients of the Military Medal, 1914-1920, which lists men and women who received the medal for acts of bravery during World War I, with details such as of name, rank, regimental number and death date.

The other new collections are the British Jewry Book of Honour, which records the contribution made by the 50,000 Jews who served during World War I; Airmen Who Died in the Great War, 1914-1918; and the 181,000 records of the Royal Air Force Muster Roll, 1918.

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