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RECORDS | 23 11 2015

The real value of AncestryDNA

With one simple test Ancestry DNA can open up a whole new world of discoveries for you. Revealing your ethnic mix from the past 500-1000 years is just the start. The real value is combining this leading DNA science with Ancestry’s family history expertise to help you fast track you family search and build out your family tree.

The test itself is easy. When your DNA kit arrives you just follow the simple instructions and return a small saliva sample in the prepaid envelope. Your DNA will then be analysed against more than 700,00 genetic markers and withinabout 6-8 weeks you’ll receive an email with a link to your online results. Then you are on your way to discovering more of your one in a million story.

RECORDS | 19 11 2013

Discover the secrets of your past in our new exclusive Freemason records

Uncover the secrets of the Freemasons in our exclusive new Freemasonry Membership Registers. Reveal details such as name, profession, birth year and other personal information – so you can easily discover if there were Freemasons in your family.

These extensive and revealing records cover England 1751-1921 and Ireland 1733-1923, as well as select lodges in commonwealth regions. There are well over 2 million records to explore allowing you to uncover even more about this historically secretive order.

RECORDS | 11 11 2015

Build a picture of life on the home front

Get an insight into what life was like for family members left back home during wartime with our new exclusive records collection—WWII Civil Defence Gallantry Awards. Nearly 2 million people volunteered for Civil Defence duties during WWII, which ranged from Air Raid Protection wardens to first aid and fire watching. Even boys and girls between 15 and 18 years old had a role, mainly as messengers.

You can explore our new collection to find out if any of your relatives won a medal (the George Cross is the highest civilian gallantry award) and uncover detailed accounts of heroic acts by ordinary people on the home front.

RECORDS | 02 11 2015

Build your picture of those we remember

Remembrance Sunday commemorates those who served in the two World Wars and later conflicts. It is always held on the Sunday nearest to 11 November when the guns of Europe fell silent in 1918. You can commemorate family members who served their country in the armed forces - and build a vivid picture of their heroic efforts, achievements and sacrifices - by uncovering fascinating details about them in more than 200 million military records from around the world.

Our extensive collections include original WWI Service and Pension records as well as WWI Medal and Award Rolls. Once you discover the unit your relative was in, our WWI War Diaries offer intimate day-by-day accounts of each unit’s involvement in the war, often including detailed views of key battles. We also have some important WWII collections including British WWII casualties and Prisoner of War records.

RECORDS | 27 10 2015

Scottish Probate Calendar

We’ve just released our most important Scottish records. If you’ve wondered whether your family came from money, and more importantly where that money went, the Scottish Probate Calendar, 1876–1936, could provide the answers.

This is a unique opportunity to discover the value of the family estate, as well as death details and names of descendants. You could even find addresses and occupations. This is essentially the Scottish version of our popular England and Wales National Probate Calendar.

RECORDS | 20 10 2015

Discover the seafarers in your past

More than 200 years ago Admiral Nelson led the British Navy against the combined French and Spanish fleets. Our service records can give you a wealth of information on the men who served, from their ranks and ships to the sort of work they undertook.

Officers and ratings were awarded pensions after 20 years. Our service records show the documents collated to work out that pension – so include details from across those two decades of service.

Plus, find out more about campaigns, locations and battles in our Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972.

RECORDS | 12 10 2015

Explore the arresting history of the suffragettes

Uncover fascinating detail about Emily Pankhurst and her sister suffragettes in our new exclusive record collection - Suffragettes Arrested 1906-1914. You can follow them through the legal system in their fight for womens’ votes, including the dates and places of their imprisonment or trial.

Plus, learn more about the suffragettes’ stories in other records from the time. They used the 1911 Census as a form of protest and you can see first hand where women refused to fill it in, deliberately spoilt it or wrote pointed messages. For an even more complete picture you can also see where they travelled through our ships’ passenger lists; or check out our wills and probate records to see what they left behind and to whom.

RECORDS | 17 09 2015

Divorce Records, 1858 – 1914

Looking for the next chapter in your ancestor’s story? Try these Divorce Records dating from the end of the Great Depression to the First World War. Browse through thousands of documents detailing the reasons for divorce, from separation agreements to salacious stories of adultery.

We’ve just added 7,500 more records from 1912-1913, giving you first-hand accounts of ‘The Great Unrest’, a period which saw massive changes in the UK class system. These records are a great place to pin down key information for your search, such as married and maiden names, addresses, names of witnesses and important dates.

RECORDS | 06 09 2015

Know more about the Queen’s family than your own?

On 9 September the Queen will become the longest reigning monarch in British history. It’s an extraordinary record in a rich family lineage that has been preserved for centuries. Do you know more about her story than your own family’s crowning glories?

At Ancestry, we can help you enrich your own family tree, add flesh where you may only have the bare bones of facts and dates and give you all kinds of handy tips to make sure your story is kept safe for future generations. So both you and your descendants can come face to face with your family history.

RECORDS | 20 08 2015

Merchant Navy Apprentices, 1824-1910

In the 19th century thousands of young people across Britain started out as apprentices in the Merchant Navy. In the newest addition to our Occupation records, the Merchant Navy Apprentices, 1824-1910, you can find out crucial details such as the ports they sailed from and the ships they were on, as well as their physical descriptions and reasons for discharge.

These records are a great starting point to trace your ancestors’ careers in the Merchant Navy. Did they stay on course or jump ship? You can find out with links to other seamen records, including Master and Mates certificates and Crew Lists from Liverpool, Glasgow and Dorset.

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