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RECORDS | 15 01 2015

Army Registers of Soldiers' Effects, 1901-1929

Were your relatives involved in the Boer War or World War I? Now you can discover fascinating details surrounding our country’s soldiers with the Army Registers of Effects, 1901-1929.  With this update we’ve added more than 900,000 new records to our significant military collections.

These records tell you what the relatives of soldiers who were killed received from the UK Government. Discover invaluable context about their next of kin and death in service, helping you take your family story back another generation.

FEATURES | 22 12 2014

AncestryDNA Coming Soon

We’re delighted to announce that AncestryDNA is coming soon. AncestryDNA is where science meets your family history and using some of the latest technology, an AncestryDNA test can connect you to people and places associated with your family like never before.

Discover who your ancestors were, where they lived, and how you connect with their descendants today around the globe. Get insight into your ethnic mix and connect to distant relatives you never knew you had. Determine your next research steps and more.

26 11 2014

Lunacy Registers and Warrants, 1846-1912

Search these new Lunacy Records to discover what life was like for those in lunatic asylums and hospitals between 1846 and 1912. The records are packed with detail about patients and criminal lunatics – the most notorious being Aaron Kozminski, the alleged Jack the Ripper.

The Patients’ Admission Registers note the name of the patient, the hospital or asylum, and the date of admission and discharge (or death). Meanwhile the related Criminal Warrant and Entry Books reveal the departure from prison and arrival at asylums of convicted criminals judged insane.

RECORDS | 06 11 2014

WWI Service Medal and Award Rolls, 1914-1920

As part of our Remembrance Day commemorations, we’ve just added these WWI Service Medal & Award Rolls. These rolls are particularly helpful because they include not only a soldier's last unit, but often previous units as well.

The records also show people who have lost their medals. You’ll see thousands of crossed-out entries, with comments like ‘medals forfeited’ or ‘no medal'. One of the more controversial entries is Private Percy Toplis, who found notoriety after murdering a taxi driver.

RECORDS | 15 10 2014

Wigan Parish Records, 1580-1979

We’ve just added parish records from the historic town of Wigan, 1580-1979. Wigan has a long and important heritage, with a large population even before the Industrial Revolution, because of its coal mines and cotton mills.

These valuable collections contain thousands of Church of England baptism, burial and marriage records. If you've been struggling to find your family in other perts of old Lancashire, make sure you try here.

RECORDS | 25 09 2014

Debtors' Prison Registers, 1734-1862

If your ancestors struggled with debt before the 1860s, they could have found themselves locked up for many years. This new collection of prison records is packed with engrossing detail about the unfortunate people jailed for debt or bankruptcy. Discover how much they owed and how long they were jailed for, as well as details of their time inside.

People had to pay their debts before they could be released, and their debts added up in prison too – they had to pay for their keep and extra freedoms like living in areas just outside the prison walls. So they often found themselves in prison indefinitely unless their family could pay their debts.

RECORDS | 16 09 2014

Birmingham Rate Books, 1831-1913

We’ve just added rate books from all over the Birmingham area from 1831 to 1913. Rates were collected to support those who were ill or poor, to maintain the roads and churches and cover other parish expenses. They were based on the value of a house.

You’ll discover how much money was collected, who lived in the house, who owned it, and its address.

RECORDS | 12 08 2014

Naval Service Records, 1802-1919

Did your ancestors serve in the Royal Navy? This new naval collection will reveal their lives in service. You can discover their ranks, whether they applied for pensions or gratuities, and even whether they won medals!

You'll also discover applications to right wrongs, like inaccurate accusations of desertion, or applications for discharge by foreigners or apprentices forced into service.

EVENTS | 07 08 2014

Sir Tony could be coming to an archive near you!

Exciting news! To mark the World War I Centenary, we're hosting a series of exclusive family history events with archives across the country, where you can meet our special guest speaker - Sir Tony Robinson.

Each event will discuss the importance of remembering our wartime ancestors, highlight some of the best resources for WWI family history research, and hopefully inspire people to find their own relatives who fought.

They're all completely free, but spaces at each venue are limited, so we're opening up a ballot for entry. Find all the information on dates, locations and how to apply for a place.

RECORDS | 15 07 2014

Naturalisation Certificates, 1870-1912

If you're descended from immigrants - as so many of us are - you'll find this new collection invaluable. We've just added more than 60,000 new records, showing those who became British citizens through naturalisation.

Becoming a citizen was important, as it gave people rights liking voting or inheriting land. In these records, you'll find plenty of information for your tree, including birthplaces, ages, addresses and occupations. Plus, see if you can spot historical figures like author Joseph Conrad (listed as Conrad Korzeniowski).

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